The thread of Liberal Stupidity


The situation we have in this country, where somewhere just under half the population refuses to believe in facts, relies on Fox News as their least hardcore news source and is shifting over to the likes of Breitnbart while deciding a lot of women and most the minorities are automatically the enemy did not happen over night. This occurred after years of cultivated and isolating their voter base until suddenly they realized their not the harvesters anymore. We had a ton of conversations about this already, and those people who sowed the field and then fled it, those were conservatives, on NPR and in elected seats and now they’re fleeing the mess they made. Those people were conservatives and Republicans who allowed the rotten to grow around them and turned a blind eye so they could get a few more votes. And now, in the Liberal Stupidity topic we have someone trying to proclaim the the Democratic party trying to push their Democratic choice ahead of a person running on their Democratic ticket who is not, in fact, a Democrat is somehow some giant conspiracy just unleashed while also claiming that as armed Nazis and White supremacists march down the street with literal weapons hanging where ever they can manage to hang a weapon is somehow just as scary as it is for black individuals, or women, or any other group realizing that there is a part of the country that wants a redo on the Civil War, want to push back rights all while trying to systemically destroy the social safety nets that keep people from dying in the streets. j

But yeah, yeah I should sit here and not “join the conversation” because someone who isn’t a troll continues to talk nonsesnse and like the decades past, everyone is just here to be all nice and civilized while they systematically dissect the core of democracy. And let’s not forget, this group that we’re supposed to be so civilized to put their representatives in the our government who are anything but courteous to any group that is an easy political target so they can get the votes of actual Nazis and KKK members.


This is the point of a lot of the extreme and continuous fear-based “news”. The more you make your constituents worry about the bottom of their Maslow hierarchy, the more radical the means they will adopt.


Is “crypto-Trumpist” the new “alt-right” which was the new “Fascist”? Language is evolving so fast these days!



Haha, they invented Roommates huh? Coops are out there too. If someone told me they were in a co-living situation I would assume it’s something different… like I don’t know casual friends in the same house.


I had a good laugh at that yesterday. Reminded me of when I was living in a dorm freshman year at UGA. We had a dartboard set up in our room and one day I was bored and messing around with it and came up with some rules for a new game we could play using it. When my dorm mate came back from class, I proudly exclaimed “Hey, I invented a new game. I call it ‘baseball’”! We still laugh at that.


I mean, it’s really stupid, but I’m not sure how it’s related to liberal stupidity.

Also, the website that article came from has many of the hallmarks of “content farm”. The person who wrote it probably got paid 4 or 5 dollars to bang out 250 words about whatever stupid shit they were assigned.


It’s not really re-inventing roommates. Following the link in the article will provide a better description:

So, more like a retirement village for working people. Or maybe a homeowner’s association with benefits.

But regardless, it has nothing to do with liberals.


Didn’t they use too call this kind of set-up like a… quad?


I don’t know… you mean a quad like in college? If so, this is clearly different. I mean, I would be pretty confused if someone done with school said they lived in a quad.


Well college students are the norm but there are quads here that are for rent for the general public, same concept. You get your own room, common living space is shared. Those apartments are called “quad” style. The biggest difference from those and college is you are leasing and responsible for your room and no one else’s. The college version, I thought, you had to do it as a group. I just checked, yep… those apartments are still there…




I mean, maybe? Like banning guns!
But it also gets in the way of a shit ton of bad policy, and it’s a net win by almost any measurement you can think of.


A major reason to have the Constitution, is that it gets in the way of policy… because sometimes people in power think bad policy is in fact good policy.


Yeah. Even if you believe this to be true, what a weird time to make this argument, when it’s clear that a lot of the restrictions on power are necessary to prevent the worst excesses of the current administration (well, in theory).


“This thing that’s literally keeping us from being beaten and arrested for dissenting in a time when it would actually be happening, needs to go,” is probably the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen.

I mean… it’s pretty fucking stupid at any time. But to say it now? That’s… I can’t even.


I’m not familiar with The New Republic, that’s a Liberal site? Wow.

“The Constitution is holding us back” is literally the exact argument I would expect to hear from Republicans right now. To hear it from the other side…that pretty much closes the thread of Liberal Stupidity. The bar doesn’t get any lower than that.


I think you guys may have the wrong idea about the article. I’ve only glanced at it, but it starts with criticizing the ideas that “The point of politics is policy” and government has a responsibility to “get stuff done”. Seems like an anti-technocrat article with a provocative title.

Edit: e.g.

Today, policymaking has taken over a government that is nonetheless bound by the Constitution; politicians promise to swoop in and fix whatever has gone wrong, while working in a system that is designed to curb the impulse to intervene. That tension has helped bring us to our current impasse, where Americans ask more than ever from a government they increasingly distrust.


Apparently few actually read articles before commenting. That article is more of a diagnosis than a prescription.

The answer to the question in the tweet (in accordance with Bettridge’s Law) is, of course, “no”.