The thread of Liberal Stupidity


Pretty sure men seem to be more concerned about what’s going on in women bathrooms than the women are. All this concern about us is strangely excluding what the majority of women actually want.


Shush, now. Men are talking. <–JOKE, just in case anyone missed it


heh. I got that one.

Really though. I’ve never seen so many men suddenly concerned about the women bathrooms. There is zero concern with the transgender group currently torn over which unlocked door to go through. The sicko, probably hetero guys trying to pray on women and girls in there, which is probably such a small number it wouldn’t even register on a graph, they don’t hesitate already.


Here’s the thing that I realized that made me finally understand that all of the stuff about transgender people is pure manufactured outrage with no basis in reality:
5-10 years ago, literally no one ever talked about transgender people.

Seriously. No one ever considered making LAWS about such things. It didn’t affect anyone. At all.

You know when we started talking about transgender people? When folks started saying we needed to make laws about bathrooms?

We started seeing such things exactly the second after the culture wars surrounding gay people were done.

Once the numbers flipped, and more than half the country supported gay people getting married and being accepted as normal human beings.

That is the exact moment when you started seeing folks try to make laws about transgender people.

Why is this? Why did something that no one really cared about suddenly become something that we needed to legislate? Did way more people suddenly decide they had too many or too few penises? No, that’s not what happened. The number of transgender people didn’t change.

What changed is that once gay people stopped being able to be used as a target of rage by the conservative machine, they needed a new scapegoat. They needed a new target.

And that’s what transgender people are.

They are merely a new target of the exact same propaganda machine.

And that’s exactly why it doesn’t matter. Laws legislating such things will accomplish nothing. They aren’t designed to accomplish anything. They are merely meant as an act in a cultural theater, to show that some politician is on “your side” against “people who are different from you.”

If you are worried about transgender people somehow hurting you or anyone, you are being manipulated. Because you didn’t care about them, until a few years ago. And it never hurt you to not worry about them. Because they are just a small number of people who just want to live their lives and be left alone.


And have somewhere to pee.


Well said, Timex.


The right wing noise machine would be so confused by Founding Father and American Hero George Washington.


I admit that I thought of that song/video when I wrote that sentence.


I think this whole debacle qualifies.


Agreed. On the other hand, while I feel terrible for Sam Seder, Cernovich may have opened a Pandora’s box. I can say with near 100% certainty that if we comb through the Twitter feeds of every Conservative Media personality and Republican politician we will find a treasure trove of offensive comments when taken out of context. Hell, most of those comments are probably offensive even in context!


Except that conservative organizations wont do anything about them.


Exactly, O’Reilly’s already appeared on Fox since his departure, hasn’t he?


I read it once and was confused. I read the comments on here, thought about re-reading it. I then read yours and decided that no it is just a further example of the decline of editors in the digital age.


He came back once as a guest on Hannity.



You back off from Judy Dench. She wants to be an adorable old weirdo and listen to trees, she damn well can!


There’s no good reason for our state to have this stupid law.


That doesn’t strike me as a particularly good example of liberal stupidity. It sounds more like professional organizations protecting their own narrow self-interest at the expense of public’s right to speak out on issues that pertain to their area of expertise…which, if anything, is something you’d expect of fans of the status quo.


This is Oregon. Our government is and bureaucracies are heavily liberal leaning, and I don’t see that as a bad thing but did you see where the attorney general ran with it?


The comments on this article are painful to say the least.


The story notes that several brands have jumped on the bandwagon, and now sell “unfiltered, untreated, unsterilized” water in jugs for as much as $15 to $25 per gallon.

Jesus Christ.

Evans likes to plug it on social media, and it’s a product created by Mukhande Singh (born Christopher Sanborn), whose sales pitch seems to be that, yes, filtering water is going “to get 99 percent of the bad stuff out. But now you have dead water.”

I prefer dead water, because it doesn’t have liver flukes or giardia.