The thread of stunning visuals

It means nothing without pictures!

Perfect Life VR:

Warhammer Quest 2: the End Times

Haegemonia: The Solon Heritage



Consider me rightly stunned!

Now I can’t get out of bed. Cheers @Rock8man.

Fwiw, the mobile version of this is on sale for a buck, both iOS and Android.

Nice catch, took advantage of that. :-)

Intel officially unveils 10th Gen CPUs:

From the GOG page for Deep Diving Simulator:


Just one thing about that Intel advert: there’s nothing there about overall speed. Zilch. You get “AI performance”, HEVC encoding, Thunderbolt, and Wi-Fi.

Intel has quietly smothered Moore’s Law over the past decade and is beyond pretending that it hasn’t done so.

I hope Zen 3 eats Intel’s lunch, but in reality AMD is finally catching up to Core’s IPC so we’ll at last see parity again.

It’s one slide from a bunch though. The first one covers the more important stuff.



A billion colors? I’m waiting for the upgrade to 2 billion.

Why settle for



When you can have



It’s not a game, but

Close enough?



Title of.thread should “threat” of stunning visuals.

Visual stunning track sounds like a slaughterhouse set up to bolt cows through the eye.

Correct. CPUs are stuck. Best you can do is add cores. Actually they’re getting slower as more and more exploits are found and patched.

Humble sneaking in the verbiage.

Now @Telefrog is gonna be so stoked to play more Control!


Wot’s wrong with Control? I mean, I got pretty close to finishing it and all, but I still found it a very pretty and fun game

I’m stunned!