The Threads Thead (Here We Discuss Clothes/Fashion)

I got a fantastic new hoodie and wanted to share, but couldn’t find an appropriate thread. So let’s make one! This is dedicated to the discussion of what you’re wearing or wanting to wear, and you wish to share.

A few years ago I stumbled upon one of those Kickstarters that I missed funding, but caught my eye. This one was for a Seattle clothing start-up making a hoodie good enough for hiking and outdoor adventures but also for casual wear. It was fully-funded, but I forgot about it until something recently caused me to think about it. Within a couple of hours, I purchased one of these babies.

It says $200 on their site, but I got mine on Amazon for $80. And it’s fantastic. It fits great, with a sharp look. The craftmanship is outstanding. It instantly became my favorite hoodie, and I own a ton of hoodies.

I now want to get the other colors.

Ooh, I’ve got a question for my fellows of Qt3 about jeans.

I’m just under 5’11" tall, and most of that height comes from my torso. My wife is 5’1" and I don’t really even need to adjust the car seat when I take the wheel after she’s driven. I don’t even know the proper term for this state of being. High waisted? Long torsoed?

Now, on to the question: what kind of jeans would look / work best for me? I’m always so unsatisfied with the way jeans fit me, and part of me thinks it’s because I’m not wearing them right (e.g., at the hips? At the belly button? Below both?). Also because I’m probably not wearing a flattering fit. So, what brand and style of jeans should someone like me buy? I’ve got typical 47 year old dad bod, I’m definitely overweight. So factor that into any recommendations!

Thanks. 😘

Impress your kids’ teenage friends by getting a pair of ‘skinny jeans’.

I think you mistyped “disgust”. But my kids are 9 and 6, so at the moment their friends aren’t actively judging me for anything other than the quality of the snacks I serve them.

I suggest Levi’s Wokes


Hey we have a clothing thread, I was not aware!

In the last week or so I’ve noticed vests are making a comeback? I recall last having one in the early 90s just before I became a teenager. Anway now I am 40 and I wanted to see if I’d like a vest again.

So I’ve upgraded (perhaps downgraded?) my fall fashion, by adding two fleece vests to my wardrobe. I like that my core remains warm, and my arms still can enjoy freedom.

These were reasonably priced, and are decent quality. I went with the blue and the grey colors.

Hope @Ephraim found acceptable jeans since his last post.

Nah, but thanks to COVID times, I just live in Roots sweatpants now. Sometimes I wear them with a dress shirt when I’ve got an important meeting. Most of the time it’s just a black Hanes T-shirt. I am the epitome of style.

I’ve never been a sweatpants sort of guy. Prior to lockdown, I didn’t own any pair since at least childhood, and I’m pushing 50.

Now I find myself shopping at the grocery store in sweatpants.