The Tick

I just thought of the Tick cartoon series and this popped into my head:

Human Ton: “Hah…hah…hah…your Tick won’t come! He’s sulking in his tent like a guy from Chile.”

Handy: “You’re making us look like jerks!..I told you, read a BOOK!.”

Carry on…

My personal fav is the fantasy Tick has about Speak,
The Furry Moist Avenger, in which he becomes the Tick’s sidekick and speaks in front of the UN. The “I love you” at the end is just perfect.

I’ve always been kind of a snob about the Tick because I was into the comic book years before it ever became a cartoon, and in my opinion, the comic book - what little there was of it - was light-years better than the Cartoon.

Mostly just the tone, I guess. I loved the live action series, incidently. I thought it matched the comic book tone perfectly.