The Tomorrow War - Fight for the future and Amazon

Just the right amount of explosions!

Chris Pratt, Betty Gilpin, Yvonne Strahvoski and JK freaking Simmons? Yes, absolutely, do want, will watch, can’t wait.

A) Yes obviously I am totally here for this.

B) Fellas, I wonder if the people saying that the C-Preezies of the world need to timewarp into the tomorrowar…I wonder if they’re on the up-and-up.

C) The aforementioned C-Preezy looks weirdly smooth to me in the trailer. Does a brother need Botox in his early 40s or whatever these days? Goddamn, branding consultants, calm down.

Ok, I know I’m not supposed to think about this, but - how exactly does that work, going back in time thirty years to collect recruits to fight aliens that wiped out all of humanity in the future? I guess nobody in this movie read that Bradbury story.

Don’t forget Splett!

They must be counting on the draftees coming from an alternate past.

More alien bugs. Awesome.

Can we one day get proper alien soldiers or something? Something with cool design, and maybe a hint of organization?

I’m pre judging I know. Maybe those are disposable infantry. I just know that as soon as they showed them, I went from intrigued to “eh, I’ll watch this eventually”.

Jujutsu! On Netflix now. (J/K, that’s just a terrible Predator ripoff with bad martial arts and Nicolas Cage).

Splett - I’m in.

So you want… some kind of brain bug?

Oh that’s where I know that guy from. That was bugging me.

You know what might meet that criteria weirdly, Mars Attacks, but that movie is also super old.

I’m pretty accustomed to poor writing and stupid plots in science fiction movies in a world where people think Interstellar was a great film, but Oh. My. GOD, this looks so stupid and contrived.

And I say this after enjoying Godzilla vs. Kong.

Anyone watch yet?

So this is out today. I’m only 15 minutes in but I already am wondering about the entire basis of the story.

Why in the world would we agree to send people and expend resources into the future rather than take the next 30 years and prepare for the invasion we know is going to happen? We know the exact date and time, we know the capabilities of the enemy, where they attack, when, and how.

If I were in charge I would thank these future soldiers for their information and tell them that we’re going to focus on preventing the war from even happening.

Tom did and he said this:

Awe yeah, so it was made specifically for me (mentally).

Tom also said this:

Tom forgets JK Simmons is in a lot of bad , but yet still good movies. Like the Renegades.