The top ten games of 2021 (so far)

I’d sell my soul to see every copy of No More Heroes destroyed in a fire.

That game intentionally wasted your time with all the horrid “meta” mini-game grinding for money just to keep playing the proper game.

Not to mention the ending

The one and only motivation to continue playing was to find out what would happen once Travis became #1, and how his boss would backstab him. It finally happens, and they literally fast forward the cutscene for it.

No More Heroes was the Funny Games of video games.

Anyone telling you they enjoyed watching Funny Games is lying.

Fight me. Seen it at least 6 times. Enjoyment is a loaded word.

Thanks for getting me hip to Wildermyth Tom! It sounds right up my alley and I always wondered why no one’s made it yet.

I was going to try making a dream board game kind of like it but could never commit enough time to it.

Have I even played ten games that came out in 2021? Looks like just barely.

  1. Nioh 2 Complete Edition
  2. Guilty Gear Strive
  3. Wildermyth*
  4. Trials of Fire*
  5. Urtuk*
  6. Cyber-Shadow
  7. Monster Hunter Rise
  8. Ragna-Rock*
  9. Knockout City
  10. Narita Boy

*: Provisional rating after playing ~1 hour or so and wanting to get back to it.

Top 10 games from my Steam backlog I’ve finally dug up and tried in 2021?

Apparently, I’ve only played one game released in 2021 so far this year if we don’t count remasters like Rome Remastered. I guess that is the drawback to games that have long tails to them. Instead I played a bunch of pre-2021 games that had content releases during 2021, such as Vermintide II and the various Age of Empires games.

So, that automatically makes A-Train: All Aboard! Tourism my number one game of 2021 so far. Which honestly seems kinda fitting for me anyway given how many copies I must have helped Artdink sell by now. Here’s to soaring through the 100 hours played mark very soon.

Yeah, I tried the prologue and it felt like I’ve played 10 similar games all of which were better.

Imagine Earth I had also skipped over, however the comparison to boardgameyness and Settlers VII (which I still love), has me reconsidering and it is currently on sale…

Wildermyth and Slipways are on my “to do” list.

Tom, did you settle on leaving the mini-map on in Hitman? I want to get rid of it, but it’s the only indicator that I’m trespassing, or hunted, or compromised.

So I settled on the mini-map with no NPC or Target indicators. Wondering what you did…

To think I had Wildermyth and Slipways in my cart last week but with how much I’m currently playing, I emptied it.

Oh, that’s disappointing to hear. It looked/sounded interesting!

I’ve not played ten 2021 games yet. Here’s my limited list so far, roughly in order of preference!

  • Strangeland
  • SOLAS-128
  • Subnautica: Below Zero
  • Monster Hunter Rise

That’s one of those examples where there’s too much gameplay on the minimap. :( By way of contrast, I’ve turned off the minimap in State of Decay 2 and never looked back. I’d love to do this in Hitman, but it’s simply not feasible. Otherwise, I have everything turned off, and it makes the game so much better.


Yeah watching a few streams of Hood: Outlaws & Legends pretty much sealed its fate for me in terms of being dead on release. It’s been out 3 months…

Oh, the Dee Snider movie finally got a video game adaptation?

That demo was sweet - how does the game escalate from there? Pleasantly picking on problems or banging head against wall like sausage roll or baba?

I haven’t played Sausage Roll (not great with Sokoban-like games) or Baba (yet) but I’d say SOLAS-128 definitely belongs to the former (pleasantly picking on problems). It scales in all kinds of ‘whoa!’ ways. The visual vocabulary of the game takes a bit of getting used to and overall there were only a few broader but minor nitpicks for me, but it’s got a really good balance and variety of tightly constructed self-contained and multi-screen interconnected puzzles. Very clever and very satisfying when it all snaps together.

I had to Google ‘sock on the doorknob’ to know what this meant. Never heard it before!

Thanks! Even more interested now. Baba is totally worth playing - very likely you’ll get a few Aha moments there as well when you believe you’ve hit a wall. And then later you’ll probably hit the wall for real - at least I did.

Oh cool! Yeah, I’ve owned it for a while but not had a chance to give it a go yet. Hmm, I might be able to fit a puzzle game in actually…

My game of the year is already Shin Megami Tensei 5, since I’ve spent most of the year playing 2, 3 and 4 - Next up are 4 Final and Strange Journey. Most for the second time. What time sinks.

That’s probably where it is ending on my own list. It is fun enough, but this iteration is very far from being a competition to Generations yet.

Come on, the palamute and wirebugs are a superb addition! Though any new Monster Hunter is one of the games of it’s year to me so I am incredibly biased. :)

I liked the monster chasing at first, but now it feels so much like going through motions, while there was a more organic feel to the monsters way of running and the notion of space in Classic.