The topics most loved by Google randos aka "Topic titles matter"

In case you were wondering which qt3 topics are the most popular in Google searches:

I will cop to the fact that back when it was originally posted, I changed the

WTF NVidia???

Topic title to

WTF NVidia??? Login now required in GeForce Experience

… maybe this will help convince @tomchick that allowing some trusted users to edit topic titles is, in fact, a good thing?

I don’t think I’m prohibiting anyone editing titles, am I? If I flipped a setting somewhere, I wasn’t aware I had done it. But if people want to edit titles, I was under the impression that they could. Isn’t it kind of hardcoded into Discourse that the thread title belongs to the person who started the thread? And admins, of course.

Otherwise, I think it’s just a matter of the Qt3 “culture” agreeing that title mistakes and especially dumb titles (“Diablo 3 or All good demons go to… hell?” and “Norabunga’s Ambition”, for instance) have their own charm and should be left as is. My whole silly thing about titles belonging to everyone in the thread instead of one person is just one facet of that. Plus, while changing titles might be less confusing to Google, I think it’s more confusing to the folks who actually use the forum. :)


I am with you on the “prevent changing the topic title years or months later” bit, but I feel allowing regulars to edit titles (and change category) early in the life of the topic is a reasonable way to approach this.

I don’t begrudge anyone their super clever funny topic titles, I don’t think anyone does, but sometimes the titles are just … poorly considered at the time of creation.

And being stuck with a bad topic title forever kinda … sucks?

I love that my stupid yawning thread is still getting hella clicks

Have… have you finished yawning yet?

Sorry I’m having a hard time reading your post through the incessant mid-yawn watering my eyes have been doing for the last couple of years.

Why can’t I lean like?!

Wait, the point of thread titles is to attract random people from Google searches? Why? Have you met random people on Google?

Google + seemed to be just that.


How IS the surface pro for gaming?
I imagine bad?

Inquiring minds wish to know!

I can’t stay awake
Somebody help me

But can you play your iTunes music on your Chromecast?


Just pointing out that topic titles matter, so think about that the next time you guys are clevering it up to the infinite degree. When it comes to topic titles, sometimes the excessively clever is the enemy of the good.

(And yes, that article was linked in that topic, which was a catch all for the “video games are becoming the primary occupation of a sizable percentage of young men today” articles… there are at least a half dozen to choose from via major websites / magazines etc – though semi ironically the actual topic title was pretty good, games as universal basic income for the soul. Maybe a little high concept, but completely accurate.)

You’re new here I guess. Have a beverage and relax a bit.

Yeah first let’s work on not using time-specific thread titles (Game X announced), ending thread titles with a period, and using in-jokes that were dead years ago. Then we can worry about accurately describing the topic!

All Good Thread Topics Go To… SCHULDE?

Looks like “finish yawning” is going even stronger these days

I was wondering what was happening to the gamertag thread, as it hasn’t been bumped in like 6 months, but it’s still there!
Don’t let the yawning get to you, gamertag!