The tragedy of the endangered Side Suto

6-22-2003: Mach Five posts to his diary

10-16-2003: Mach Five threatens to side suto Chet.

Will you be able to install it when I hear the clitter-clatter on my keyboard, leap out of my bed, and throw a side suto into your windpipe?

The thread then switches from a discussion of Windows XP to a discussion about Side Sutos. Many years pass. Side Suto jokes are made on QT3. Then…

4-13-07: Joel Johnson, QT3 Denizen, uses it in blog post

The rest of the children at the dojo never forgot the time Chuckie was exploded by the upside-down side suto. At least until ice cream sandwich time!

4-30-07: Wired uses it to talk about gadgets, but that’s Rob Beschizza, another known QT3 denizen

Take the iPhone. Right in the balls. Yes, you’re the handset industry. Now, pick yourself up off the floor and get to work. How are you going to beat Cupertino’s cellular side-suto?

7-25-07: Joel uses side suto again!

Most guys who complain about not being able to cook imply that they don’t have enough time to make the magic happen, resorting to PB&J or, time-permiting, pan-fried PB&J. This new list of 101 simple recipes from the Times should side-suto those…

9-25-07: Crazy guy talks about mops

I’ve also broken a mop in two… twice! Mind you not wielding as a weapon or practicing side-suto on it, but both times using it as intended… i.e mopping the floor…

Unknown: Spam site uses “Side Suto” in spam.

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However, there haven’t been any side-suto sightings in the wild for a while. I worry the world will never truly understand the deadliness of a side-suto.

I have no idea what you’re going on about, but the term did make an appearance in the thread regarding The Bourne Conspiracy, just this evening…

He’s talking about Qt3-external references.


Nice work, Alex. But it is indeed sad that history might side-suto that meme.


I say we take off and nuke the sites from orbit, it’s the only way to side-suto them for sure.

Wow, all these years I thought a side suto was some obscure wrestling or fighting game reference I just didn’t get. I had no idea Mach Five invented them. Thanks for the history lesson!

Pfft. He’s subtly calling you (and the rest of you side-suheroes with columns and blogs and… um… movie scripts?) out for not saving it! Stand tall and side suto adversity!

(Not that I was in on this meme for the start or anything, but I can tag along just as well as the next guy)

Rock, Paper, Side Suto
Side Suto, Boom, Turtle

If one good thing came of my first run at this place, it was giving you the gift of the side suto.

This is like one of those rare memes that SA and 4chan didn’t manage to side-suto into the oblivion of overused phrases.

Huh. I always thought the side-suto thing came from it being used by the referee penatly-call thing in the movie Necessary Roughness

I can’t find a clip of it. I’ve been looking for half an hour. It’s in there, trust me. I formally dispute the claim that M5 started the side-suto thing. Necessary Roughness was released in the early nineties.

His suto is like a bad dance routine.

Was that a clip from Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo?

A suto is a martial arts attack. An open handed strike to soft bits like the side of the neck. MachFive definitely didn’t invent it. Although he did coin the internet meme.

I think you are thinking of the side sudo.

No, that’s an open hand attack as root.

I thought it was the Sudan Socal Development Organization.

Apparently “suto” can be found in Webster’s unabridged online dictionary. Anyone have a subscription?

Yahoo Answers was unhelpful, but I am curious if the supplicant there is a reader here.

I always freak out a little when I come across a thread on QT3, look up a term on google (like side suto), and it points me straight back to the thread. In 100 years, will denizens of QT3 be wholly unable to communicate with the outside world?

will denizens of QT3 be wholly unable to communicate with the outside world?

Welcome to the Glass Bead Game.