The Trump books

Apologies if this thread is redundant. I know we have threads on Trump already but i thought that since there are three new post-mortems all coming out at alnost the same time we could discuss them here. I’ve already got the earlier books about Trump but I’ll be honest, I couldn’t read them because we were still living in the nightmare. Now that we’ve gotten a little bit of a reprieve, I’m really looking forward to some glorious schadenfreude so if you come across any juicy tidbits post them here. Here are Amazon links for the three books in question:

Here’s one about Eric Trump:

Eric Trump, the former president’s son, “flipped out” and yelled at his father’s campaign data analysts at the White House as results came in on election night, an excerpt from a new book by the Washington Post reporters Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker said.

he had predicted to friends the night before that his father would win reelection with 322 electoral votes, and he was upset that campaign staffers were reporting otherwise, the excerpt from “i alone can fix it: donald j. trump’s catastrophic final year” said.

“we pay you to do this,” he reportedly yelled at staffers in the white house’s map room, which had been transformed into a trump campaign war room. “how can this be happening?”

I’ll be in my bunk.

That alone would have been enough of a scandal to bring down most administrations.


They’re campaigning in the wrong place!

Honestly this is the best response and he’s not even part of the forum.

I mean, this is an argument some of us have been making for years. It’s the same argument I made about Fauci: that, knowing that Trump was publicly lying about Covid for his own personal political benefit and to the detriment of public health, he had an obligation to speak out about it, not tacitly support it with his silence.

Fauci was withholding information so he could profit off a book? I seen to recall Fauci on TV a lot contradicting Trump.

No, of course not. But he was certainly withholding information about Trump’s unfitness for the job. And no, I’m not going to spend hours dredging up the bones of that argument again, to provide specific examples. It’s all back there in other threads.

Given that Milley’s words and actions in this context, as far as I’ve seen from the excerpts, occurred after Trump already lost the election, I don’t see how they would have been “critical information” for the general public or “pretty good information for [the general public] to have” at that moment in particular. We had already delivered our referendum on Trump, our role in his ouster had concluded. My impression is that the person who would have found this information most useful at the time was Donald Trump, because he would have realized that his own top general viewed him as a Constitutional threat, and he would have then retaliated.

It is impossible to believe that Milley only formed this view of Trump after the election; that nothing Trump did before that was of any concern to Milley.

The tweet posted by @ShivaX is complaining about the authors of the book not releasing Milley’s post-election quotes sooner.

Yes. I’m saying it’s probably only one example of things Milley knew but didn’t reveal. There was, after all, the Lafayette Park incident. The broader point here was that Trump was surrounded by so-called adults, institutional players, who must surely have known what he was from their first-hand experience, and almost none of them said or did a thing about it at the time. This also extends to journalists who, rather than do their jobs as journalists, saved the juiciest stuff for their books to be published later.

It’s a massive institutional failure.

How long have most Americans been in a coma? :)

I’m guessing, by most Americans, they mean Fox followers.

I picked up Landslide yesterday and i can barely put it down. What a great read. There’s very much a Der Untergang feel to it. It’s interesting to see that basically everybody except Trump and Giuliani were ready to bail after the election.

I’m about a third of the way through I Alone Can Fix It. It’s really riveting stuff, and feels very even-handed in the telling by the two Post reporters who wrote it.

I’m amazed Trump actually gave them interviews, but the guy can’t help himself. He’s such an insane narcissist.