The truth about the switch to digital?

So in February 2009 I know that the FCC has mandated that over the air TV signals will be only available in digital, which will make analog tuner TV’s obsolete unless hooked up to a converter box. My question is what about cable and satellite TV feeds? Will my analog TV still work with those sources, or will I require a box?

I’ve heard a variety of things on this subject and have noticed TV’s are shipping now with stickers that say they have an analog tuner but will continue to work with cable and satellite inputs past Feb 2009.

The government is giving everyone two $40 vouchers in order to buy digital tuners.

Haven’t we been told that TV will go all digital all HD in just a couple of years on a yearly basis sinec 1997?

I don’t take this sort of thing very seriously.

Even if the FCC does managed to make it stick this time (doubtful), I’m sure cable boxes will still output analog.

I don’t think the FCC cares about cable boxes. They just want the broadcast spectrum analog is now using.

It would be nice if you could buy an HDTV with a digital tuner, and not have to have a cable box.

You can. Look for cablecard capable TVs.

If you are still using an analog TV in 2009 there isn’t much I can put here to make you feel better. Any cable or satellite box will convert to what you have though, there shouldn’t really be an issue. In fact, there are a lot of nice, cheap, monitor only displays (no tuner at all) that will work even better. I would encourage looking at those if cost is really such an issue to upgrading what you have now.

Sooner or later they’re going to enforce a date. I don’t think that they’ll enforce 2009, but maybe like 2011.

Riiiiiiiight but not everyone can afford a new digital-ready TV. They are relying on those old rabbit ears and cable ready TVs. Some people are, you know, stuck with what they have.

Not me, but some people.

If you didn’t splurge on the hot tub and beer for the hot chicks maybe things would be different. Just saying …


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Digital Television and Public Safety Act of 2005 (“DTV Act”), which is Title III of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, Pub. L. No. 109-171, 120 Stat. 4 (2006) (“DRA”), codified at 47 U.S.C. §§ 309(j)(14) and 337(e).

much more efficient than one $80 voucher!

Does that mean I get 2 AND the wife gets two? Because thats an hddvd drive or a wheel for the 360. Unless they are only good for some shitty receiver I dont need. Maybe they are ebayable though, so people can buy better receivers?

NO HD is even mentioned in any of this, it’s just D. The H part is up to the stations, which is why they are all so shitty about it. Aside from cable companies and satellite companies being shitwads about using bandwidth and happily overcompressing junk.

From what I’ve read, you’re never getting anything more than 720p, and as Moore says,
shitty overcompressed data. Artifacts are awfully common on the channels I’ve seen.

I’ve gotten all my entertainment digitally for many years, but that’s because I
have no TV and prefer a good DVD (or a hidef torrent if the show is unavailable ;).

They’ll enforce a date when the price of a digital tuner becomes insignificant, so that the folks with old TVs can cope.

My wife works for the local CBS affiliate and they (along with the other local affiliate stations here) are very serious about hitting the '09 deadline. Both local CBS and NBC are already broadcasting digital and analog. Both have begun shooting in HD for news. And they’re ready to switch off the analog feed in 2009. The ABC and Fox don’t have their shit together yet.

None of you will have to buy digital tuners. Jeez. This is for people using the free over the air UHF signals you pick up with rabbit ears. There are apparently still a lot of people in the States watching TV this way. The FCC wants those frequencies so it can sell them off again.

Apparently, some HDTV channels use UHF signals, I guess because the provider doesn’t give the channel enough bandwidth.

Glad to hear it. I have a fairly nice regular SDTV that I don’t think I can split myself from. Its so perfectly sized…

Edit: And we are too poor to afford things like Digital Cable.

720p has nothing to do w/ the switchover, some networks do 1080, some do 720, some will stay at 480i forever. All they HAVE to do is BROADCAST in digital. and the boradcast ginals are really sharp and not compressed, the shit compression is just for cable/sat.

So WTF is the truth about the switch to digital? Do I have to buy all new TVs by 2009? I haven’t bought a TV in ten years. My Tivo is hooked up to my comcast cable. What are the two $40 govt checks for?

Is Bush to blame for this shit too! Goddamn, goddamn. First Iraq and now my effin TV. What’s next? Limitations on masturbation and Mountain Dew!?