The tuberculosis Spin Laywer

I have been following this TB thing for the past few days – it’s been all over the news.

Rather than talk about what the guy did to cause the problem I am more interested in seeing HOW the guy is defending himself with logical arguments and a (seemingly) decent strategy of spin.

Most people would have been buried after all of the negative hype the media has placed on this guy. This lawyer seems to be defending himself quite adequately. His major defense is blaming the system rather than the system blaming him. His secondary defense is pleading ignorance since he was “following the advice” (paraphrased) of the doctors who counselled him. And his final defense is an emotional appeal – he argues that he was “fearful of his life” (paraphrased) and wanted to be treated in the US rather than in a foreign country – an argument that many Americans face when they get injured in a foreign country.

I think this guy has turned most/all of the negative press against him to date. No one seems to be talking about criminal charges any longer. He has brought a lot of doubt to the system and raised a number of good questions towards Homeland Security.

What do you think? Dangerous infected TB patient who should be criminally charged or a smart lawyer who is successfully spinning the situation in his favour?

The CDC had paid for a database that would track just this very thing in Atlanta. One month prior to delivery, they canceled the project for no reason. The project was not over budget, it was not overdue. It was about to be delivered on time and on budget.

Very fishy.

So I think it’s neither a dangerous infected TB patient nor a smart lawyer pulling spin. I think the guy’s right; the system failed, and for reasons that are increasingly peculiar.

Verdict from this end: criminally inconsiderate, selfish bonehead who put his own haste ahead of the safety of other people that might have died/might still die because of him. Commercial planes don’t only ferry hale adults with hardy immune systems, they also often take infirm elderly, small children, and adults with complex medical conditions as passengers.

If cretin is deflecting criticism directed at him, probably due to his being a somewhat competent lawyer. Being legal counsel by trade does not excuse anyone from such disgraceful behavior.

Devil’s Advocate: then how can you explain why the lawyer flew to Montreal and then crossed the border by car? sounds like a guy trying to fly “under the radar” to get back into his home country.

is he still right?

Again, personal responsibility out the fucking window. It’s not me, it’s them! It’s them!

He didn’t want to be forced to stay in Europe, with their third world socialized medicine. Since he couldn’t fly back to the USA, he did the next best thing – flew to Canada and tried to sneak back into the USA.

Personally, I think they should hang this guy on a meat hook.

They advised him not to fly…

…they told him to stay in Europe…

…there was a hold on him when he tried to enter the US but the border guard let him through anyway because ‘he looked healthy’…

I’m not seeing a failure at the CDC here…

The CDC failed in that he did fly, and he did get back to the US, despite their attempts to prevent it. They also arguably shouldn’t have let him go to Europe in the first place.

But the CDC’s failures and TB guy’s moral lapses are not mutually exclusive. It is possible for both to have happened.

I think he’s doing an awesome job so far of spinning the blame and making himself look like the poor guy with a death sentence who just wanted to marry his true love in grand fashion and then come back to the greatest country in the world in the hope it’s doctors could save his life.

Which makes him even more of an asshat.

Seriously, the guy is just a total selfish prick. He can spin it all he wants, but that’s what it boils down to in the end.

Whatever gains he has made in the public eye will be lost if a single other person ends up infected due to his supremely selfish act.

Tuberculosis was a lot more fun when it was called Consumption and it led to fruity novels and tragic plays and crap.

I hear it’s making a comeback, Spoofy. This guy is the next Leper Messiah (cue Metallica).

Just to make it clear, you are implying that the CDC is involved in a conspiracy to infect people with TB. Might be time for more situps.

I can give this guy the benefit of the doubt and believe that he didn’t receive adequate warnings against leaving the country. According to this WaPo article, a letter was mailed to him on May 11 telling him not to leave the country; he left on May 12. Chances are he didn’t get that letter in time. [Why would you trust the post office when you know the guy plans to leave so soon? Use the damn phone!]

However, after he was contacted by the CDC in Europe and told to report to Italian authorities, but chose to fly to Canada instead? If by some chance someone on his return trip got infected - which seems pretty unlikely, given that even his wife’s TB test is negative, but isn’t zero - that’s on his head.

Hell no, I was just trying to stir up shit. As Linoleum said, this guy was acting on his own. the reality is that the project, even delivered and implemented, would not have prevented this from occurring. It’s just a suspicious-looking coincidence that the CDC had just one month ago cancelled a project that included TB surveillance and case management, and that this guy’s father-in-law is a CDC muckity-muck.

Yeah this guy is a dick… I hope he gets infected with some rare form of a horrible disease! That’ll learn him!

Heh… :)

How is the Border Patrol Officer seeing the passport had a “Hold, and put on protective clothing” warning when scanned and then deciding to let the guy in because he looked healthy translate to “The CDC failed”?

The CDC did what it could when they realized exactly what kind of TB was in play. It’s not a law enforcement body, all it can do is what it did.

Preventing him from flying is in the hands of either airlines (wonderfully efficient groups, those) or foreign governments. Preventing him from passing through Customs is in the hands of Customs (wonderfully efficient group there, as well).

The CDC had failures, but this guy getting back into the US wasn’t one of them.

Could this guy be forgiven if he posts in the True Confessions thread? After all, he already said he was sorry for being a dick.

now the Greeks are saying he wasn’t married:

The biggest crime of this entire controversy isn’t the TB issue or the fact that he didn’t get married when he said he did - the biggest crime is his wife’s hairstyle.

Call in the fashion cops to slap on the handcuffs – this lady needs a knee hairdo.