The Tudors

Doing for Renaissance England what HBO did for Ancient Rome. Anyone else looking forward to this? My favorite TV reviewer is saying it’s pretty kickass, and it looks to have much of the hawtness that Rome did.

Jonathan Rhys-Myers … yum :P (Though I suspect you guys will be more yum over the chick who is playing Anne Boleyn.)

Who is your favorite TV reviewer?

Tim Goodman of the SF Chronicle. I’ve been reading his reviews since I can remember, and he is almost always spot on. I guess the trick with a TV reviewer is finding one that has similar tastes to what you yourself have, or it doesn’t work, though.

Hmm. I’ll have to check him out then.

I noticed the Showtime site for The Tudors has an option to watch episodes 1&2 now. I assume they’re the full episodes which is odd since the show hasn’t premiered yet, right? Anyway, I’ll check them out this weekend.

Not knowing that actor, I read that as John Rhys-Davies, which would be a rather unusual crush object.

Rhys-Myers was the main character in Woody Allen’s Match Point. He also was one of the IM team members in Mission: Impossible III.

First two episodes can be watched at

We don’t get ShowTime and I think my wife is on the verge of killing me because of it. She wants this show -so- badly.

Sign up. You’ll get The L Word, too!

Steal it off the internet. You’ll get every other show on TV, too!

Cool, its on the showtime website for free?

Watched both shows from, looks like it might turn out pretty decent. I’m always a sucker for historical setting, now they just need to throw in some battles and spruce it up with the minor characters who aren’t all powerful court nobles.

He was also in ‘Bend it Like Beckham’ IIRC.

He was also in Gormenghast and he creeps me the fuck out.

King’s a little moody, isn’t he? Was it like this for real, or are they just making a drama since he almost always wants to go to war?

Which amazingly staged a comeback from the worst season ever.

I so thought that he was Jason Mewes from Jay and Silent Bob.

I thought the show was done well, saw the first two episodes. It’s abit slower than Rome was at the start, but I hope to see the action pickup once war with France happens.

Only ten shows signed for this as of right now.

Hot women removing their period clothing makes me happy.

omg i want to see thsi so much. i dont have showtime, so me and a coworker are splitting the cost of either a subscription to showtime or the cost of ordering them on-demand.

lol, but we’re both sappy philippa gregory fans, and rhys-meyers is HOTTTTTTT! what can i say?

although they’re kind of stretchign the whole chronological order of things - when henry was actually that age, anne boleyn was a child, if she was even born yet. he was totally head over heels with catherine at the time, and catherine had just lost arthur. im sure it will be good though.

omg so excited aboyt movie best movie evre :) MUST POST COMMENT no time to punctuat eproperly or edit comment almost finished reddy to post WOOOOt

I don’t suppose you’ve checked …? First two episodes are out there in amazing quality (~400MB)