The TV show you'd most like to be in

I mean, if it were real.

I have to say Firefly.

It’s got just the right combination of charm, humor, believable-yet-ultimately lucky characters. The Wire may be my favorite show of all time but Firefly has my favorite characters. Besides, The Wire is so… lethal. And everyday. In Firefly, every character other than River is someone I’d really like to get to know. They’re deep enough to be believable and have just enough Hollywood to be enchanting.

Even Inara who is generally the seven of nine sex object of the show has personality, quirks, and is portrayed with more class than one would expect given the character bio.

What are your choices?

Mystery Science Theater 3000

I think a life of living in a space station and riffing on bad movies and getting into crazy antics with your robot friends would be ideal.


If only because I get to befriend Annie.

Pee Wee’s Playhouse would be pretty awesome, I would totally want to be one of his neighbors and get to hang out with Cowboy Curtis, Captain Carl and Tito the Lifeguard.

Keep in mind you couldn’t control where the movies began or ended.


I Dream of Jeannie

Needless to say, I’d find Jeannie first. Needless to say, I wouldn’t be shy about asking her for… stuff.

And she has an “evil” twin sister…

I’m with gameoverman.

The TV show I’d least like to be in (if it were real) would be LOST. I’d want to shoot myself in the face after like a week.

WKRP In Cincinnati, for sure.

Entourage. I would be the Vincent Chase character of course.

Burn Notice. Living in Miami, knowing and doing all that awesome spy stuff, and somehow never getting seriously injured or arrested. Hell yeah.

The Office.

Oh, wait…

Mythbusters. I could totally do Tory’s part and I can look like Adam Savage just with more gut and less hair…

This conversation clearly begins and ends with True Blood. Everybody gets laid on True Blood. Itso. Fatso.

Any show where I get to play the part of David Caruso.

Seriously… if I were about 18, probably just about any show on the WB. As it is, being 35, and knowing that most of those actresses are actually 20-28 and only playing teenagers, just about any show on the WB.

I already get laid, Brian. What I don’t get to do is play awesome rock songs on the air for money whilst ogling Jan Smithers.

Breaking Bad. Always wanted to be a meth dealer.

Damn right. Don’t get distracted by Loni.

Charmed. No, wait, seriously? True Blood has already been covered. Okay, Chuck, as the part of Chuck. Funny, interesting, playing a spy around beautiful women, what’s not to like?

Like PapaSmurf, I’d have to also say Firefly.