The Two Towers : great film

I went to a Boxing Day viewing of The Two Towers. The film has been sold out for 4 days now but I purchased my tickets four weeks ago.

In a nutshell - an example of film-making at its finest, excellent speaking roles delivered with conviction, strong themes, and heroes you can really cheer for. Viggo Mortensen is a joy to watch as Aragorn.

It is just so refreshing to see a film that doesn’t pander to the Hollywood trash style of filmmaking and for that Peter Jackson must be applauded.

The only downside - Jackson has chopped up the book to a large degree to make it manageable for filming. Oh and having to wait another 12 months to see The Return Of The King.

Well, that was certainly worthy of its own separate thread.

Maybe Sean wanted an all Austrailian Two Towers thread and you, Matthew, have ruined it for the kangaroo eating, boomerang throwing, criminals.

OTOH, maybe he wanted only flight sim fans who loved the movie. That might better explain the lack of replies. :wink:

I think he just wanted to stress how tough his country is. Unlike us wussie Americans who celebrate Dec 26th as shopping day - his country celebrates it as Boxing Day. A day where I can only imagine his countries inhabitants feel the need to wash off all the holiday cheer with some good street brawls. One day of Peace, Love and Happiness is all Australia can take.


You guys just kill me … :wink:

I simply didn’t want my post to get lost in the “Two Towers Pedants” thread.

It should have stayed lost in a pile of vegemite-laced shit in the stall of a kangaroo with an asshole impossibly widened through strenuous overuse by criminal-gened Australian men.