The Ultima News

Thanks for the link. I actually read all the way through the beginning of ultima6 last month. Time to catch up.

2D has nothing to do with Ultima’s charm. Besides, 2D art is more effort than 3D these days, nobody knows how to do it anymore. I want a big budget-bustin’ AAA+++ ultima game that oozes with awesomeness. Like Origin used to do.

Smaller than Oblivion, yeah. Oblivion was fantastic, but I’d like to see a more directed and plot driven Ultima.

So it would be like oblivion, but nothing like oblivion.

This is a really nice list. Lots of good gaming to be had. I better start saving, the money and the hours.

Oblivion features that would be in my ultima10:

  • AI and NPC schedules
  • gorgeous graphics and high production values
  • all of those 1000s of items everywhere, each placed just so
  • a streamlined elegant interface
  • avatar (heh) customization
  • most importantly, oblivion’s feeling of immersion in a massive living world

Non-Oblivion features that would be in my Ultima X:

  • it wouldn’t suck

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist. Oblivion’s alright by me.

Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with meeee!

Putting it on DS is nonsense. From a technology standpoint, the whole point of Ultima was not its 2D-ness, it was the fact that they all pushed the bleeding edge of computing power upon their release. It needs to be a DX10/Vista big-budget AAA game to be worthy. Throw in PPU support for kicks.

It won’t be a real Ultima game unless it requires a boot disk that runs a custom operating system.

Jeez, could you move any further away from Ultima 7?

Don’t EVEN joke about that.

WTF dude, the only part that doesn’t jive with U7 is the tactical combat…

Smaller world? No way, Ultima 7 was goddamned huge. I guess I could’ve misunderstood “storyline driven” but when I see that, it implies linearity. Ultima 7 had a nice strong story but you were free from the instant you left Trinsic.

I spent most of U7 wandering around without any real focus.

U7 was quite a bit smaller than Oblivion. Of course, it might not have seemed so small since every area had loads of unique and compelling content.

Ultima was open-ended in a way that Oblivion isn’t. There was no linear “main quest” chain that ping-ponged you from one NPC to another. No moron indicators leading you around. Just a bunch of NPCs that gave information, a bunch of dungeons to enter, and ultimately items that needed to be acquired in these dungeons for game completion. Enter any dungeon in any order at any time. Any town in any order at any time. No safety rails, no automap, no journal. And you had to have food else you starved to death.

Yep, you are right. However, having recently played Lazarus twice, I really do hope that any potential future Ultima game does have a quest journal. It’s really easy to forget some small detail that you don’t realize is crucial to beating the game. :)

But isn’t it custom to be screwed over at the end of an Ultima game because you didn’t find a particle item or learned some crucial info?

I reckon it is.

Ultima 4 (1984) is the one true Ultima. All others are just poor imitations of the real thing.

Great list, though I’d like to point out some of the more promising indie projects. This is a link to an extensive interview with the developers of four seperate indie RPGs: Broken Hour Glass, Eschalon: Book 1, Depths of Peril, and Age of Decadence. Pretty different design philosophies outlying each of them, which is why the interviews make such a great read.