The Ultimate Catassers

They magnify their catassitude by 24. EACH.

Mother of God.

I told my wife about it, and she asked, “Do they both look like Jabba the Hutt?”

I said I didn’t know, and she said, “That’s probably good.”

Also, WTF with the picture on the center monitor? Are they jacking off while the two of them run level 70 raids? (sorry hscroll, you have no chance to survive, make your time.)

hscroll survived just fine. Nice try.

Jealous because people are retarded enough to buy 47 PCs? Hardly.

That looks like a Madonna video, so they are probably watching a music channel. That’s not to say running 40+characters isn’t a giant masturbation session anyway.

What the fuck FOR?

I just can’t imagine levelling up 40-odd alts… and paying for a commensurate number of accounts…

That’s not to say running 40+characters isn’t a giant masturbation session anyway


I dunno how you jerk off, but when I do it it doesn’t take 47 PCs and ~1k a month in account fees.

If you read the comments, you’ll see that the setup was built for goldfarmers, not legit play.

I could see making a system to run, Team Wizzy-style, an arbitrary amount of World of Warcraft characters. But once you hit the cap for the instance you were in, it would be kind of pointless to add more.

Also, WoW is a terrible game for it, because you’ll need to actually gear up your toons through 5mans, right? Or you’ll have to make hugely expensive gear sets.

Now that I think about it, Team Wizzy is around the ultimate in catassery, unless you want to talk about certain Guild Wars guilds who went to ludicrous lengths to equip their players with slightly more powerful items (which were nigh-impossible to find) and still sucked anyway.

Does anyone here use chairs like that for gaming? Sinking back and relaxing would be great… but it also seems like it would be difficult to stretch that far for proper typing and mouse control?

They said that the computers are diskless. How would they even run the OS or WOW? From flash memory?

Gaming addiction will soon be an official disease.

I call bullshit on the entire raid. Maybe an entire guild of alts. I’ve 2 boxed in WoW, hell even 3 boxed once. No way you could handle 20 (for half a 40-man, nor 7.5 for half a 15-man.)

The guy who controls the 5-man pvp group on his own had to develop a special keyboard input system in order to play. These guys would need something really sophisticated (bots?) to play half a guild. More than likely they control a few characters each, or they would have a lot of difficulty in control.

5 man though? Yeah you can do it but it’s a bitch.

There’s a thread over at the ElitistJerks messageboards about 2,3,5, 10 boxing and beyond. It’s interesting to read (and to try to figure out psychologically why people want to 10 box WoW).

Dual-boxing is great for powerleveling, but my guess is that people only get excited about multi-boxing when they’re terrible at the game to begin with.

I have a massive leather lounge chair I got as a hand me down from my dad that’s a bit bigger and cushier than those, and it’s just fine with the keyboard in my lap and the mouse on tower lined up with my right arm.

Totally possible, as long as you do things just right. In a raid situation, every class only needs to use three or so spells (from my limited experience). You could have a special keyboard setup to do it, just as Team Wizzy did in DAoC.

I’ve got my computer set up around a giant recliner and it’s awesome. The mouse rests on the arm of the chair at a proper and comfortable distance, and the keyboard just sits on top of my legs. I took a hard plastic mouse pad and put a little piece of velcro tape on the top edge and the other side of the tape on the front edge of my mouse so when I’m reclined and the arm of the chair is at an angle I can just push the mouse up to the top of the pad to stick on the velcro so it doesn’t end up in my lap every time I take my hand off it. I’ve got my LCD monitor on a swinging arm attached to a table next to the chair, so when I sit in the big chair I can have the monitor hovering above my lap an appropriate distance from my eyes. With the setup those guys have it looks like when they kick back they are probably a little too far from the monitor.

I’ve got a recliner setup too, and I think my monitor is a “little too far” by your definition, Thrag. (It’s pretty much just beyond my knees.) But that’s cool, it doesn’t bother me, I have good glasses :-) And yeah, it works very well to have it reclined – just about the most sustainable catass position for five- or six-hour gaming marathons.

(Though propped up on pillows on the couch, legs outstretched on the ottoman, looking at the 5 foot projection wall screen, playing on my 360-if-it-ever-gets-back-from-its-RROD-service, is right up there too.)

Glad to hear no one can understand how these people could really be running 40-person raids with 2 actual humans. That part made no sense to me either. Though it does seem like it’d be possible to write bots that could run a whole raid purely by AI… not that these schmoes have the skillz to do that level of automation…