The Umbrella Academy - Netflix

s3e10: Finale was a great ride.

I think overall if I were to rate the superhero “shows”, if I had the liberty to include the MCU movies as a show, I would rate the Umbrella Academy as my favorite, then The Boys in a close second place, then the MCU a more distant third.

Good comparison. Though I think the three properties you just rated are all trying to do very different things narratively despite all being in the superhero genre. Umbrella Academy always resonates with me because it’s the one show where the superpowers are rarely the solution (and more often part of the problem). The superheroes are limited by their own issues and not their own lack of power and I find that makes for a fantastic journey.

That hews close to the distinction between Marvel and DC.

Does it? I’m not a comic book person so I’m really not aware of the narrative trends on either side.

DC’s heroes (with the exception of Batman, who has no powers) are flawed by weaknesses in their powers: Superman vs kryponite, Green Lantern vs yellow, etc.Batman’s weakness is that he has no powers.

Marvel weakens its heroes with character flaws: insecurity, guilt, self-destructive impulses, running out of web fluid lol.

This is of course reductive generalizations, but it does boil down to internal vs external influences in many if not most cases.

August 8.

I eagerly await.

God, I don’t remember anything…

Season 1: Vanya goes super Saiyan, gets talked down.
Season 2: Back to the future
Season 3: Hotel of Madness, other Academy

At least that’s what’s in my head.

I still haven’t watched S3. Oops!

Ha, I hope that wasn’t a spoiler, since you were introduced to the other academy at the end of S2.

No, not at all, no worries! Just a realization that there’s yet another series that I enjoyed but am a season behind on.

That last season was forgettable.

I really dug S2. The others I pretty much shrug at.

Yesssssss. That’s gorgeous.

Season 1 was enough for me. I may give the others a watch at some point.

Too much TV and not enough time. Same with books and games.

Why did you even retire?!

Can’t wait. One of my favourite shows of the last decade.