The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent - the most Nick Cage movie ever!

Still no one talking about it after the weekend?

Unfortunately I didn’t really care for this. Cage was great and really into it but the script was boring. In one of the press things I heard Cage and/or Pedro Pascal say that the director was a real life version of Pascal’s character. I can see that – a lot of “look how many movies do I know” moments in this.

I was hoping for some unhinged Nic Cage and Pedro Pascal buddy ride. Instead I got conventional spy-comedy about reconnecting with family.

I thought this was brilliant, the best thing I’ve seen this year. I was laughing constantly during the first two thirds of the movie, and mostly because the movie intended it. Everything is so absurd and the performances so over the top, it’s just lovely. The climax of the movie is what it is, but didn’t really detract from the enjoyment.

Usually I hate self-referential humor and masturbatory movies-about-Hollywood-and-movies. But here they struck just the right note here, making sure that not only does the audience know how ludicrous it is that anyone would be name-dropping Captain Corelli’s Mandolin or Guarding Tess, but we know the movie makers know it too.

I saw it today and this is pretty much where I landed as well. I had some laughs and enjoyed the two leads, but everything outside of that was very disappointing.

It also felt weirdly disjointed in a way that made me suspect it was a bit of a mess they tried to salvage in editing.

Why did nobody tell me Sharon Horgan was in this? And Tiffany Haddish. I really enjoyed it. It’s pretty corny and ironically given its Cage-centricity I don’t think it would work without the supporting cast it has. Nobody does eye rolling like Horgan. But I laughed a lot even after the turn to a more actiony tone.

I just watched this and loved it. One of the best movies I’ve seen in quite a while. I was just disappointed that they didn’t reference Raising Arizona, one of my favorites.

I caught this on a Southwest flight and enjoyed it. It was a bit of a buddy movie with some of the standard cliches, but still a fun romp.

One small thing I noticed that I found interesting was a scene that could have been cut better. I saw the setup followed immediately by the punchline in the trailer and it worked quite well, but in the actual scene it was setup followed by a few inconsequential sentences and then the punchline, and it lost most of its humor. The scene should have been cut like it was in the trailer!

I’m talking about the scene where Nick Cage sees the statue of himself with the two handguns.