The Unbelievers

Ah, just what we needed - another edgy, new game journalism site! And the white on black makes my eyes bleed.

I had a comedy gaming site a long time back and it went under after a year or so. This shit doesn’t work and it’s not even remotely entertaining any more.

Out of the first five posts, three are about World of Warcraft.

Way to buck the system there, kids! No one else writes about WoW, after all!

There was one gaming humor site called “The Corporation” which I thought was great. Then I guess everyone working on it lost interest and they just stopped updating it one day…

How did you find out about this site? I’m curious because it’s a) new, and b) crappy, but somehow it still (apparently) has already attracted readers. I only ask because every time I try to start a site, people don’t even stop by to make fun of me.

I always wondered that too, bags

It was either a Joystiq or Kotaku link.

From a readability/design standpoint there is nothing wrong with white-on-black (or WOB as we used to call it on my day), the problem in this case is the awful typography.

I just looked at this again, and it really is pretty damned poor.

“MOVE, DAMN YOU! RUN LIKE RONALD McDONALD IS BEHIND YOU WITH A MEAT GRINDER, YOU GOD DAMNED SIDE OF BEEF!” would certainly seem to be annoying to other people. I know it was to the police.

Yeah, hilarious. Dipshit.