Old Games (and some not so old)

Wow, PC Gamer has an article about wargaming this month that led me to

Ever had a really old PC game that you loved years and years ago? Odds are you can get it for free, now that it is long discontinued and no longer supported by the original publisher.

I found Lords of Conquest, which brought back some great memories. Unfortunately, it’s the IBM version, while the C64 version was better.

Then I found 688 Attack Sub.

But then, I found Alien Crossfire, the Alpha Centauri expansion. Now, you normally find people paying big bucks for Alien Crossfire, because you can get Alpha Centauri in a jewel case, but Alien Crossfire isn’t bundled with it. So on Ebay right now, there are two Alien Crossfire’s going for $30 and 15 pounds, which works out for about $25.

But hell, turns out you can download it for on this site. Legality of course comes into question, so I’m reading the FAQ. Technically, it’s not legal, but EA hasn’t complained about it.

Oh shit, they have Command HQ too!

In other news, the Allies won WW2!

Yeah, I think most everyone here knows about that site.

It is good though.

Also, I heard that King George is planning to TAX our TEA!! Personally, I don’t think the folks up in Boston will stand for it.

Oh now be nice, Woolen was just trying to be helpful. :)

Now on topic, HOTU is probably my favorite site on the internet. Been going there for years.

Loaded up to the neck in spyware, though. I hope you’re all running Spybot and its lovely “Innoculation” feature. Or is it vaccination? I can’t recall.

Either way, every time that, “This site is trying to send you spyware! Block? Yes or no?” message comes up, I get a warm feeling in the cockles of my heart.

I’m sure the Allies victory in World War II was probably to Ander’s dismay.

Command HQ is just as great as I remember it. Elegantly simple, it’s a great little wargame. Too bad no one has bothered updating it. 1989-era graphics and sound are really long in the tooth…

Crazy thing i still play Alpha Centauri. I just saw this PBS special about the Spartans and the urge for a good AC game just became irresistable. (Of course edited with the Spartans -1 growth ^^).

No kiddin’. On the plus side, it runs under XP with no tweaking. On the negative side… yeah, it looks like beaten ass.

Man I’d kill for an update of that.

The site also has an awesome guide to getting older games to run on XP.

But then, I found Alien Crossfire, the Alpha Centauri expansion

Thank you, Thank you…


But then, I found Alien Crossfire, the Alpha Centauri expansion

Sorry for the mini splinter here, but here goes. I loved AC to death and became “The Man” in both the single player and multiplayer games I played. WHen Alien Crossfire I was in the store day one with my cash in hand. Later that night I was on the verge of tears because I was getting ripped so badly at it. Even on the easy levels I can’t rate at all, is this just the most difficult expansion ever, or do I just suck at it?

Yeah, I was totally rooting for the Nazis. Not because of politics or anything, but because the SS had huge cross-dressing movie appearances (alright, probably just the one).

Play as the aliens and with a bit of luck you’ll get to mash everyone in the area with your free ULTRA HARDASS robot monster.

Well, I tried to get Fantasy General at this site and can’t get anything to download without a “you have been tricked message”. Since you appearently need a tech degree to correct this, I guess I still won’t ever get to play this game :(

Cookies, sir.

I find Underdogs useless because, even if you can get them to run, the games are usually unpatched and there’s no way to patch them.

For patches to older games, look here.

Really? I have never had that problem. Do’nt many of them have the patches included? I know some are CD-rips, but some have patches don’t they? At any rate, I never had a problem. Is it me, or does it seem like many older games didn’t require patching?

Usually they include the most recent patches… Emporer of the Fading Suns for example (which I had an odd hankering for the other day) included the last company patch issued, and links to the two fan-made patches.

I’m surprised Alien Crossfire is available though, apparently the line between out-of-print and warez is pretty fluid.