The Unit

Anybody else watching this?

  • sounds like bad pr0n but it’s turning out to be a pretty good show.
  • It kind of reminds me what Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six would be like if turned into a TV series except with all this extra how the missions impact the home life and the wife crap thrown in to try and draw in the female audience.
  • It started off kind of eh but I found this weeks episode very entertaining in a black hawk down sort of way.
  • Life after death for David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert).

Huhuh . . . huhuhuh . . . . unit . . . .

I picked it up on my .torrent season pass after finding out that one of the producers of the show is the guy who actually founded the elite Delta Force special operations team.

Also, some of the army wives are hotties.

Also, I like shows that feature an asshole as a main character who always gets what he wants (see House and 24).

I enjoy The Unit (OK, that just sounds dirty…) as well. I like that they seem to do some research on actual tools, protocols and whatnot used by the military, it’s not just fantasy stuff like a lot of spy/military shows.

I was amazed to see them using the exact same UAV system just featured in a trade magazine of mine in this week’s episode. The article I was reading talked about how the new system has streamlined data transfer to the point where the UAV can record, encode and transmit data in near real-time at 10FPS back to the units on the ground, which is exactly what they were doing in the show.

I agree that it could be even better if they dropped the “at home” stuff, but then again, some of the wives are pretty hot, especially the one fooling around, who they like to show in various states of undress alot, so I’m OK with it. Heh.

Good thing it’s not on WB, or the Wed. night lineup would read “Smallville” - “The Unit”. <insert rimshot here>

I keep watching, too, but in the last episode, it really hit me how different television is from The Movies. Like ARogan, I was thinking of Black Hawk Down (in part because that Red Shirt got it in the leg, and David Palmer had to fish out the artery just like they did in BHD), and as they were having the trouble with the dozen or so bad guys, I thought how easily a real black hawk would’ve been able to take them all out. Of course, if they had the budget for a real black hawk, they would’ve had the budget for more bad guys.

If they could write for the budget (like the missionary rescue episode, in which they had to use local trucks and stuff), I wouldn’t always feel like I shouldn’t even be watching this show.

Finally caught up on the Unit.

Potential spoilers

Wow that last episode was really great. You knew the attack on Jonas’ wife was going to happen but what a great last scene with a lot of action and a real emotional charge. I had to watch that scene like 3 times.

I like this series. Its coming back in the fall right?


it did get renewed yes.

spoiler if you haven’t seen the season finale yet

I was really rooting for Jonas’ wife to get killed there at the end… I find her immensely annoying. And she’s a bitch.

Yeah she is irritating.