The Universim

I’m a hopeful Kickstarter, but disappointed that the devs seem to view the game as an extremely long-term money generator, whilst developing their own publishing firm. I hope they do well publishing other games, so that they will finally be able to publish their own finished game.

I should also ad a story that made for an interesting restart: So in the game there is a god power for love. You can make any two nuggets fall in love, which works perfectly. If only I had noticed that out of my 5 nuggets, the two I clicked on were my only two men, so try as they might, they were not able to produce any new population while mating…Oops! well played though devs =)

That is a great trailer.

So this came out on early access. Who’s giving it a trial run?

It’s on my wishlist but I’ve lost any desire to put more money into Early Access title. I’ll keep an eye on it, however.

I haven’t touched it in over a year, I’ll try and make time this weekend.

cool txs!

If I think to grab my key and download it sometime this week I’ll probably give it a little play time too.

Very much hoping it’s good. We need a good Populace game and the graphics on this at least look interesting and good.

I tried the tech demo they had awhile back and I thought the planet graphics were very cool. Hopefully they’ve been able to put a fun game inside the engine, will keep an eye on it.

Not worth getting yet. Seems to have some interesting ideas, but the pacing is slow and I don’t see much challenge or motivation to keep playing at this time.

I’m also interested in this. The style looks lovely, but I get the impression its still very early. Not cheap either.

Folks do you remember the fun building part of Black and White 2 ?

This game is sorta like that , I only spent an hour with the newest build, but its pretty good for Early Access. I wouldnt suggest anyone rush to get it asap, but rather to wait and give it more time, the foundation they have present is solid.

Visually Stunning! Check!

Nugget stats:

To save you have to build this history recorder station, saves are recorded on stone!

Game has a info log:

They named the city! :o

Dinner time:

Love the walking paths that auto generate from foot trafic:

Worst farm crop ever!

Winter has arrived!

My fisher-woman died of old age!

I brought him to shore so the water wouldnt get poluted, and put her near the person who died from a wolf attack earlier. I don’t have burial stuff researched yet, so as you can see, nugget’s decay!

And here is the massive tech tree in game so far:

Thanks for the picture book. Looks great! Can’t wait til this gets a real release.

So I saw this is now in EA…anyone trying it?

It’s been in EA for awhile now right? or maybe just for backers? At any rate, I’ve put some hours into it. I put enough in to know that I like it and wanted to wait until it got closer to done. The interface is solid, the art is good, and the game play seemed spot on. At the time It only had content up to but not including switching to medieval buildings, so I cannot speak past that point, but I enjoyed what was there.

I am a backer! I’ve enjoyed my time with it in EA, but want to wait for the full game.
So far they are doing all the right things, and using early access like it should be, testing builds and new features with each update.

This seems to be the general sentiment from the steam reviews as well. So thanks.

From steam it appears the rumors for full release are 8-14 months at this time.

Hmm…8-14 years might be a more realistic estimate. It was kickstarted 5 years ago now, its still missing major pieces of content and even their last update when they mention the timeline talks about large systems they have to implement. From following their Kickstarter updates they seem to get distracted too easily. Since they started, they’ve built a game store and become a publisher.

Still, they appear to be making a good faith effort to finish and they aren’t selling jpegs. So in Kickstarter terms, this feels like a win even if I didn’t like what I played of it a few months back.

Sitting in my wish list. If I’m still alive by the time it finally hits 1.0 and can still hold a mouse, I’ll grab it at that time.