The US Military Catch-All Thread

“This end towards enemy.”

The M19 Spraymore

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And this is the source of it, apparently:

I feel a little bit less trepidation for them flying so low, but still, I live smack in the middle of the suburbs. Nobody wants to defend a strip mall from foreign forces.

I’m not joking by saying they shook our house, they were very low. It felt like if someone pulled up to the side of your house in one of those monster sized road equipment machines on rollers that shake to settle the foundation.

Yeah, a flight of V-22s flew by our neighborhood some time ago and hot damn, those things are loud.

They also fall out of sky with alarming frequency, so you don’t really want them flying over your neighborhood.

Used to, they been whipped into shape and the bad ones have all crashed already.

Good to know.

One thing missing from this video is the wave of sound is deep and vibrates you heavily, even from a distance. I can’t imagine riding in one of those it must be intense.

You get a little of it at the 2:00 mark.

So, not stealth?

I’m guessing you could hear them in Tennessee and I live probably 3 hours from there, minimum.

Maybe the idea is to deafen the enemy.

Can you repeat that, I didn’t hear you.

Eh? Speak up!

Ya, jokes aside, the Osprey program has actually, somewhat miraculously, become very successful.

It’s not like they’ve crashed one recently…

Oh. Never mind.

Maybe as they flew over me one ranger leaned out and went, “YEEEEEHAAAA! JUST LIKE FUCKIN’ SAIGON, EH SLICK?!?!” And then his coworker said, “I was in junior high, dickhead.”

I suppose one would have to compare V-22 crashes with crashes of other rotary-winged aircraft in particular, adjusting for overall numbers, etc. The question isn’t whether it crashes–everything crashes, helos and similar birds more than most probably–it’s whether it has a worse record in percentage terms than other aircraft of that ilk.

So now we need to out a torpedo audio seeker on a SAM.

Sure, but I assume the Osprey has a reputation for a reason. I didn’t make it up.

It reminds me a lot of the CH-47, which nobody I knew in the Army ever wanted to actually fly in, but which we just kept flying in.