The US Military Catch-All Thread


She’s referencing this article in Forbes. The number is that high because the DoD (edit - and HUD, combined) has been using unsupported plugs. This is extremely reckless accounting. At year end, a regular company will likely make numerous adjustments to the balance sheet for various reasons but there should be a reason or proper support behind each transaction.


She was actually referencing the Nation article. You can see an image of it here:

But I guess the Nation piece referenced the article in Forbes?

But it’s not actually indicating that the DoD spent $21T in money… it’s basically that there are accounting errors. And likely, the same error is showing up multiple times in that overall running total.

Because the idea that the DoD spent $21T “without telling us” is nonsensical on its face. It’d mean it was spending more than a Trillion dollars every year. Hell, in 1998, the entire federal budget was only $1.6 in its entirety. The DoD would have had to spend 5 times what it was allotted. There’s just no way that happened.

Accounting errors don’t equate to actual money being spent. Like, fixing those errors isn’t gonna actually yield money to spend on other stuff.


Not sure where this goes, but it’s beathtaking.

So much for the McChrystal is a military genius takes we were getting during the Obama administration.


It turns out not having an end game has it’s issues.


Yes, “muddle along” is perhaps the apex of 21st century military strategic thought.


Before criticizing the general, I’d be interested in knowing what they told him his mission was, and what it’s victory conditions were.

Because i suspect in the case of Afghanistan, both were nebulous, and likely had unrealistic restrictions placed upon them in terms of what kinds of forces he could employ.


In which case it’s his job to say that’s a totally fucked up plan, sir, and I can’t in good conscience take kids over there to die for that shit.


Well, he’s not commander over there anymore.


I imagine the mission back then was no less nebulous and stupid, so he should have said it then. Now he should say unless we intend to own that place, we should get those troops out. Asking them to die for muddling is, well, something.


I agree.



Well, to be fair, at least Geraldo Rivera.


Great, seems like the US Strategic Command is getting infected by the Trump virus:

Happy 2019 everyone!


Apparently already deleted? Has their Twitter feed always been this douchey or only during the Trump years?


That the fuck?? Also, #PeaceIsOurProfession is so 1984ish it creeps me the hell out.


Trump’s lack of professionalism will inevitably infect every part of the government.

I just hope it won’t take 20 years to recover it.


That’s been SAC’s motto for 60 years.



There is a trend in American culture towards the celebration of violence as patriotism, a trend which while it has roots that go way back seems to have really come into the mainstream only in the last three or four decades. We used to have soldier-statesmen like Eisenhower, or even Colin Powell. Now, we get…well, what seem to be a bunch of washouts from a tin-horn dictator’s junta.


I know it’s not new, it still creeps me out. Seeing it used with that jingoistic tweet just highlighted it.