The Vaccines vs Torch Wielding Mobs debate continues


Elmo and the Surgeon General team up to teach kids about vaccinations.

The Youtube comments are gold.


Big bird soars through the skies emitting chemtrails over Sesame Street.


Just to keep the thread updated, the California vaccination law passed and Gov. Brown signed it today, making California now one of (only) three states without a personal beliefs exemption.


Great news. Brown’s been an excellent governor so far, and this is just another thing he’s gotten right.


So this particular sort of madness has been exported… A kid died of diphtheria here, first case in fucking 25 years, it was an eradicated illness, because the parents decided not to vaccinate their kid. It seems vaccinations are free here (the ones agreed upon by the health system, which is a pretty comprehensive list) but not compulsory. Which wasn’t a problem since everybody was vaccinating until anti-vaccine new age people starting popping out.

Now I fear we will need some sort of law to force the issue. Ignorance spreads.


Jim Carrey has weighed in his customary restrained style. Twitter goes boom.

“California Gov says yes to poisoning more children with mercury and aluminum in manditory vaccines. This corporate fascist must be stopped.”


Anybody who watches a Jim Carrey movie and then decides, “based on his demeanor, I bet he’s a medical expert” should probably not be allowed to raise kids without supervision.


Juan, the press here in the U.S. keeps saying that the parents of the kid who died say they were “fooled” by the anti-vaccination movement. Does that kind of argument carry any weight in Spain? As a parent, I can only imagine how awful they must feel, but the “we were fooled” explanation sounds like a pretty obvious attempt at denying their own responsibility for their kid’s death. How are people in Spain interpreting that argument?


The parents were idiots, and it’s their fault their kid died. Now they get to live with that.


It’s confusing. Nobody seems willing to weight in. It is unclear whether the law can prosecute the parents anyway, since vaccinations are not compulsory, and the message is getting (sadly) very muddled. The parent’s indeed said this. The problem is that nobody wants to blame the parents for not informing themselves.

Basically, the medical community has stepped forward saying that:
1- The parents were victims of misinformation (they promptly vaccinated their other kid).
2- That vaccinations should not be mandatory.
3- That vaccinations are safe and necessary.

The medical community has (for the time being, since many anti-vacs are anti medical companies and anti-traditional medicine) a lot of weight around here (they are mostly middle class professionals that work hard) so people are thinking what the medical community tells them to think. I would say the argument has carried some weight indeed.

I think with the current political climate people fear a backlash against vaccines if people push the case too hard. Anti-vac movements and ant-medicine movements are gaining traction like crazy.

As one of the very few positive outcomes of this tragedy, the poor child dying has made a lot of people reconsider their no-vaccinations stance, but most people with these stance are pretty radicalized anyways.

Personally, I feel bad for the parents, but I also think they should be liable and prosecuted. No need for jail, maybe social work related to medical stuff or something, but we should, as a society, make very clear that this behaviour is criminally negligent. The poor kid had no choice. And that vaccines should be mandatory (given a non politicized body of professionals deciding what to implement).


Vaccinations should be mandatory. Children should be protected from the stupidity of their parents.


After careful analysis, I’ve determined there’s an undeniable link between Jim Carrey and stupidity. Go state!


Oh god, please Jim, no stop, I can’t watch, why ?

14.7m* followers. Assuming at least 50% of twitter are idiots, that’s alot of people who believe his shit.

*This morning I saw one of the skep guys tweeted Jim was having anti-vax meltdown to “his 17.2m followers” …

2,500,000 people went “nope, bye”, in a day.


At least until someone else’s kid dies, then those people have to live with it too.


Already happened. A diphtheria death on Spain, due to anti vax parents.


No, that was a death due to the kids parents being anti vax. What ShivaX is referring to is a kid from non anti vax parents who can’t get vaccinated dying because somebody who didn’t get vaccinated by choice transmitted them the virus.

The kid in Spain infected 48 people more, I think (I’m unsure of the number, and not going to look it up, but it was around this, I think?). Thankfully all of them were vaccinated.


Yeah this. For some people it doesn’t work or they can’t get them for various reasons. Hence the whole herd immunity concept. Eventually these fucks are going to kill someone else’s kid with their stupidity.

It’s like driving drunk. No one gives a shit if you hit a tree and die. It’s when you slam into some college kid’s car head-on or run over some kid at a crosswalk that your bullshit crosses the line.


Another case of rationality overcoming fear. And all it took was three innocent children being infected by a disease that causes “acute stomach distress.”


That story has a happy ending. I wonder if this move anyone else to make the correct decision.


Saw her earlier on the news. She comes off as a stupid woman. I have no sympathy for her, only for the children she is raising.