The Vaccines vs Torch Wielding Mobs debate continues



It’s good shit. It’s my go-to EVOO (ugh, fuck you Rachel Ray) for ages now, and I find it’s pretty damned fantastic. Generally better than the probably mafia-tampered bottles of high-priced stuff my parents bring me back from Italy each year. . .

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you significant evidence toward the probable cause of the state of politics in #Trumpmerica2017.


Me too!


How can you live in mostly Ag states and not know what fucking hamburger is?

What the actual fuck?


Peeps milk is a thing?


Regarding the chocolate milk thing:

I read the WaPo version of this article this morning (pretty much the same content) and at first I too was appalled by the numbers. But the more I think about it, the more I actually agree with this line from the article Nesrie linked:

maybe it’s impressive that 93% of people do understand that chocolate milk comes from all colors of cows, with cocoa and sugar added to it either when it’s bottled or in one’s glass at home.

I mean honestly. Roust out 100 random adults from your local county. Is it surprising that seven of them are total dolts?


I have no idea what Peeps milk is. So like the neon colored marshmallow company makes chocolate milk? Things like dairy tend to be local or regional brands… I thought.

I guess if you live in a huge city, maybe. I mean this isn’t like pointing out a country on a map where you assume someone actually taught you in a classroom or maybe the home or you read the news to find out where that country is.

How can some idiot believe that brown cows produce chocolate milk? I can’t decide if that is better or worse than someone not knowing what hamburger is made out of. Aside from basic knowledge, what they were asleep the entire time the pink slime outrage was splattered all over the news too?

I wouldn’t have the same reaction if say the survey was about mutton or chevon… those are not staples in the USA. They’d have a better shot at knowing what carne asade is than chevon.

I know I took us way off topic here. Anyway, back on topic. Within the anti-vaccine group are people who generally believe that corporations and government will push anything on them and slowly kill them for years and therefore a lot of information coming from either or both of them can’t be trusted. This of course, doesn’t make their choices less dangerous. I just think these parents have been privileged enough to live in a world where their parents actually vaccinated at a very high rate so they never had a chance to see how horrible these diseases are.

I personally know of a young lady who almost died from chicken pox and shingles sound horrific. I hear there is a vaccine to help prevent shingles now and I will be lining up for that!


TIL! Neat :)



I knew a hooker named Chevon.



Euthanizing, not vaccinating lady. There’s a difference! Then they grind her up and use her for fuel. Big Airline doesn’t want you to know!

Chemtrails are people! Spread the word.


The only Anti-vaccines person on my FB, is a former employee of mine. She was always opinionated, but I liked that about her, and what she lacked in book smarts, she made up for in enthusiasm.

But since I knew her, she has become a mom, consumer of all kinds of conspiracy theories, and moderate Trump supporters. I did once make a similar but very mild argument on her FB page, that vaccines haven’t changed dramatically in a generation and why what worked for her generation, was safe for her children. It didn’t end well.


Much like their children’s lives, most likely.

Can I get the world’s saddest “hoooo” here? :-(


No, the world’s saddest “hoooooo” would be if my fucking kids got measles because some snake oil motherfuckers pulled in enough ignorant immigrants in my community.


Fucking moron. I embarrassed that post came from my home state.



[quote=“ArmandoPenblade, post:834, topic:49969, full:true”]Can I get the world’s saddest “hoooo” here? :-(
Were you going for “Heyooooh”?


The hoooo coming from said motherfuckers hospital bed.


(original has the butterfly asking him to “bring back '80s speed metal” which is of course the connection to responding to Craig here)