The Vaccines vs Torch Wielding Mobs debate continues


Based on the article, the purity stance is more about “nature” versus “contaminants”.

The article is worth reading. There’s are also some TED talks about the 5 moral foundations which are interesting.

Here’s one by Jonathan Haidt that I found illuminating.


Yes, and they would fall into the purity group I guess. No glutten, no garbs, raw foods, stop eating processed sugars… that group that seems to be rejecting a lot of things they consider as unnatural but of course still drive cars, drink wine, and use electricity, and yeah it’s also the anti-GMO group.



Round them up and send them to an island.
Then carpet bomb the island with thermobarics until nothing is left.


JFC. How can some people be so aggressively stupid? This isn’t ignorance due to never being exposed to information, this is willful stupidity. It infuriates me that it’s their kids that are going to suffer, not them.

These parents need to have their children taken away and put in prison.


Trump is on it!


God, if California could ban non-medical-related exemptions, Washington State should be able, too.


Well how about watching their child die of a disease that had been virtually eradicated decades ago? I wonder how that would resonate with them?


Its karmic justice, but it isn’t alright. The child is innocent in this.

I am far more concerned, however, for those who haven’t been vaccinated because they are too young, or medically unable. Because my infant should not suffer because some dumb fucker didn’t vaccinate their kids.


That the extra shitty icing on top of this dumb fuck cake. It probably takes someone dying to get through to some people, and the ones doing the dying aren’t the ones who made the choice to forego vaccination.


A few of the anti-vac moms change their tune when their child gets sick, and only their child. It’s such a selfish thing and it required putting so many at risk so one person can see how wrong they are. We can’t afford that as a society. They need to take away the religious and spiritual exemption. If they feel that strongly about it, then the kids don’t belong in those schools.


One comment here: the problem in Washington state is NOT a “religious” exemption but rather a “personal philosophy” exemption; you don’t need to be a member of a particular faith to claim it. You just claim vaccines are against your personal philosophy and bam!, exempt.

So as a very first start, removing the “personal philosophy” exemption is a good approach. I’m curious what the statistics are like in states that don’t have personal philosophy exemptions but do have religious exemptions.

Now, given the idiocy of the anti-vaxxers, if we take my suggestion, they will probably form their own church and start claiming religious exemption but at least for now, it’s not the religious exemption that is at issue in Washington state; it’s a personal exemption.


Oregon has a similar thing and of course a similar problem. It’s not just a religious exemption, it’s spiritual. Anyone can get that spiritual exemption for pretty much any reason. Any non-medical reason should be ousted.

Philosophical, spiritual, just stupidity, whatever the reason is, because it’s not only Religion anyone can use it.


If I don’t have a right to deny essential medical care to my kids because of my religious views — and I think I don’t have that right — then I don’t know why anyone can deny vaccinations on that basis.


They won’t care. They’ll say, “It was out choice”. Or “It was meant to be”.


“Vaccines aren’t effective anyways, people get sick after getting a flu shot all the time. This would have happened no matter what I did.”


Well, well, well. Looks like anti-vaxxers are setting up their kids for a lifetime of worse health:



Anti-vaxxers should be shamed. They should be called bad parents, to their faces, in public. They should lose custody of their children.


I think if a parent wants to not vaccinate their children, they should first be quarantined and infected with every disease that they are choosing to not vaccinate their kids against. And if they themselves are vaccinated and can’t get the disease, then they can’t do it.

Lets see how that changes some of their perceptions.