The Vaccines vs Torch Wielding Mobs debate continues


We don’t actually have statistics on how many of them grew up with vaccines themselves right? I’d like to see that. I think these people have been so protected from these diseases they don’t have even a loose concept of what these diseases do to people or the mental capacity to figure it out so they are not properly afraid.


Every single anti-vaxxer I know was indeed vaccinated themselves. And now the second generation, the brainwashed kids are just starting to have babies now and not vaccinate them too.


Given the age group, likely all of them, barring immigrants from a few third world countries. But those people aren’t the core of the movement. The core of the movement is mostly native-born Americans who are stupid and were vaccinated.

Edit: Hell, I remember waaay back in the day some celebrity was on a talk show talking about how she didn’t vaccinate her kids. This was in like the early 90’s/late 80’s. She was roundly mocked for being a fucking idiot and people in the audience were calling for her children to be taken away from her.


Not all brainwashed, some hope I guess.


I got into a very quick disagreement with someone from my high school about vaccines. She says her kid was vaccinated but got the measles from it, and is now partially deaf. Which sucks, if that’s what caused it, but not much of an argument against vaccinations as a whole. Then she threw up a wall of text about how vaccines are just a money grab, how they kill more people than they save (a serious WTF?!), etc. So I just withdrew and am done with that particular engagement. Not going to cure crazy.


I lost a very close friend to the anti-vax. Just impossible to communicate. Not worth the mental gymnastics.


I guess I am fortunate. I have friends in the non-GMO, organic, all natural sphere but no anti-vax. The closest I have are a few parents who space the vaccines out a little bit more so their kid gets fewer at a time, and by space out I mean a couple/few weeks, not even months and certainly not years. These kids have some allergies, and they just want to look for any unexpected reactions, not conspiracy driven at all.

I’m still pissed I didn’t get the chicken pox vaccine. I feel like there’s a ticking time bomb in me!


The anti-vax people I know are from the south, are deeply religious, and most likely voted for Trump. I don’t know if that’s the general trend for anti-vax but the belief does fit well with the demographic of the average Trump voter.


There might be a group of those, but the ones in OR and WA seem to be more of the granola variety, if that makes sense.


Yeah, lots of liberals in that group. Pure idiocy knows no bounds.


I suppose it’s something that ignorant folks of all backgrounds, beliefs, and locations can find common ground in then!


Yeah it crosses the left right divide. For different reasons on either end, but this is sadly bipartisan.

And so, though I am otherwise in tune with the vegetarian, granola eating, bearded, listen to bands you’ve probably never heard of stereotype of Portland, this one has me fuming.


Is it not possible to get one now?


I don’t think you are typically given a vaccine after you already endured the disease and have an immunity to it.


In that case, I wish you good luck in evading shingles.


Yeah… that :(


Hush, you!



I’ve seen this before, and what i don’t understand is… why 60? I know one person. personally, who started getting it at 37. There is this weird shame thing that seems to go with this, so people don’t really speak about these episodes openly, but his lady shared and as a result, we found out there are actually 3-5 people we know who started getting them in their 30s.


WHO can say (pun intended?) I hope such recommendations are made based on science, economic and public policy merit reasons. Like availability, cost of false positives/counter-effects, side effects, frequency and cost of risks vs benefits, etc.