The Vaccines vs Torch Wielding Mobs debate continues


Well I’d hope so, but a solution to a problem that can affect you as soon as you build an immunity to chickenpox but isn’t available until you’re 60… yeah I would’ve taken the chicken pox vaccine, walked right past those mothers with the non-gmo all organic natural diets protesting out front with kids that can’t hope to travel the world without, well dying, because their parents are too stupid to understand what the world was like before modern vaccines. Of course this group is so large now, they don’t even have to leave the country to face great risk anymore.


As a newly minted 60 I’ll be talking to my GP about getting a shot my next visit.


I had shingles at 39, and my SO got it at 40. I believe that it’s much more common among older folks, but I can testify that it definitely happens in middle age.

I will definitely get the vaccine as soon as I’m eligible. I don’t think my insurance will cover it now, since the FDA approval is only for people 50 and up.


On the good news side, persuasion can work:

But dear lord it is so friggin’ stupid that it should take this much work.


It’s gonna be damn near 100%.
Our parents vaccinated us against everything, because they had experience first hand what happens when you aren’t vaccinated, since they didn’t have such things as children.

Our parents actually knew kids who were paralyzed from polio, or had measles themselves.

But our generation, thanks to those vaccines, never experienced any of that. Polio was effectively eradicated, with the last case in the Americas being back in the 90’s.

And it’s that lack of experience that gives these fools the luxury of not understanding what these diseases do to children.

But it seems like they are gonna learn those lessons the hard way. I do not envy the parents that will no doubt have to explain to their own children why they contracted life long complications from diseases that could have been trivially prevented.


It’s probably a good thing I don’t fully understand this mentality. We’ve had the privilege of having vaccines for some of the most horrible diseases imaginable OR the disease was mostly wiped out so we didn’t need it anymore, so they turn around and deny that to our children. I say we because this seems to be mostly the generations behind the Boomers.

Someone made fun of me not too long ago because I would not trust the proof of facts from one scientist, that I expect findings to be peer reviewed, even recreated and tested and this is why. The one person this seems to link to, once all that happened it was debunked.


She’s lying. I just saw another thread where someone claimed their kid got the Measles form the vaccine and died. But we figured out she’s lying as well as there are inconsistencies. She said her kid got the measles and then 3 weeks later she got her vaccinated. No doctor would ever give the measles vaccine to a kid with an active measles infection. Plus if a kid died from the measles or the vaccine it would be all over the news.

These people will lie and say anything to back up their viewpoint.


The existence of this group as anything more than a half-dozen lunatics is proof that our society is broken, and that lies and falsehoods are valued more than truth.


It’s a nasty combination of believing what you want to be true instead of facts and not in my backyard (you know there might be a link between autism and the mmr vaccine, where there’s smoke, there’s fire, it’s their precious little snookums, not the rest of the herd who takes the chance on a vaccination, and the ever lovely as long as everyone else gets the vaccination, snookums will be fine.) It puts so many people at risk besides just snookums. So incredibly selfish.


You can technically contract measles from the vaccine, if you already had a compromised immune system. But this is extremely rare.



What a disgusting pig. Imagine him touching anything after being in the bathroom.



Did anyone ever ask him whether he vaccinated his own children?


He says he had them vaccinated years apart instead of the normal way to stop them from getting autism. He’s lying as usual. The huge autism blowup hadn’t even happened when his kids were infants.

Such a lying dirtbag.


He also didn’t raise his kids at all. I’m sure he has literally no idea if they were vaccinated


This. He lies constantly to fit whatever he’s talking about. He disgusts me on every level of consciousness.


It follows on from reports from the department of health and the World Health Organisation (WHO) which showed that, as of December 2018, there were more than 20,000 reported measles cases in the Philippines, a 500% increase on the year before.

Measles is a highly contagious disease, but population immunity can be achieved if more than 95% of the population is vaccinated. However, in the Philippines, vaccinations are currently only at 55% according to Unicef, down 15% on last year. This has been blamed mainly on fear-mongering over inoculations.


From an occidentalist standpoint this is Western cultural imperialisation, i.e a negative concept travelling from West to East. White mans bullshit is still killing the third world.


It takes that much work because being an anti-vaxxer is being part of the ‘All Natural is Good’ religion. Everything about it is completely based on faith and belief rather than any sort of rationality.

If you wanted to pressure a devout christian family into denouncing Jesus, you’d need a long time as well.