The Vaccines vs Torch Wielding Mobs debate continues


Medical and dental services (ORS 109.640)
Minors who are 15 years or older are able to consent to medical and dental services without parental consent.
This includes hospital care, as well as medical, dental, optometric and surgical diagnostic care.
This would include services such as:
• Treatment for illnesses or injuries (colds, sprained ankle);
• Sports or camp physicals;
• Dental visits (check-ups, cleanings, fillings);
• X-ray services;
• Emergency room visits;
• Vision care (except for first time contact lens visit); and
> • Immunizations.

it is possible to receive a vaccination without parental or a guardian’s consent in as many as 15 states.


Anti-vaxxers are pure scum :(



Mme G’s dance card is getting real full. Good news, two-bit racists in Kentucky: You are years down on the list!




Who needs science? There are some crazy fucking people out there.


The Kremlin won the cold war by throwing Americans on swords built of their own idiocy.


This man should lose custody of his children.


Andrew Wakefield deserves a horse-whipping.


No, Andrew Wakefield should be executed. I am absolutely serious.

He intentionally created a hoax that has already damaged countless lives.


There’s a lot of things about the anti-vax movement that I am utterly confused by, but the one that stands out to me is: even if vaccines DID cause autism, would they really prefer their kid get polio or something else?! What the fuck, parents?


That’s actually not a fair question. IF vaccines did cause autism (at a high-ish) rate, that’s a tough choice: high chance of autism or very low chance of getting polio? It’s not like everyone had polio back before the vaccine.


Where did you pull “high” chance of autism from?


These counterfactuals are silly.

Like what if drinking water had a high-ish chance of–
It doesn’t, though.
But what if it did???

Come on now…


What if drinking water killed you… you wouldn’t drink water would you? Well yes, because not drinking water also kills you.

This isn’t a case of the cure is worse than the disease. There is no evidence, no actual peer reviewed, can test again and get the same results evidence that says these vaccines cause autism.


He’s playing Devil’s Advocate.

The irony of course is that even the anti-Vax crowd doesn’t think it’s a high chance for the most part.
I’ve known autistic kids. They’re better than dead ones.


Yeah, vaccines clearly couldn’t have a “high” likelihood of causing autism, given that until recently every single child in America was vaccinated with the MMR vaccine.


Yes, I’m addressing Kevin’s question, which I presume he took to be rhetorical. If you were a anti-vaxxer parent, the irrationality is about believing that vaccines cause autism, even in the absence of any support. It isn’t necessarily around a decision (in view of that unproven belief that vaccines cause autism) that you should not vaccinate, even at the risk of some percentage of getting a disease like polio.


I’m not so sure it matters that much that you had it. I had chickenpox when I was in kindergarten, I remember staying home from school. But a few years back I got checked out for a new job that required spending some time in a clinical environment, and I did not have the varicella antibodies in my system. Don’t know how that happened. So I got immunized, why not I figured.


I think the anti-vaxxers are weighing risks based on faulty beliefs. “What are the odds my kid gets polio? No one gets polio now. I’ve never known anyone with polio. But there are a lot of autistic kids out there and I’m seeing evidence that vaccines can cause that.”

I also think that diagnosing kids as autistic, either mild or more severe, is on the rise, but it’s probably not due to anything other than a much better understanding of autism now.

It all makes me both sad and angry. Wake up, anti-vaxxers. Take care of your kids.