The Vaccines vs Torch Wielding Mobs debate continues


I’ll quote from the National Vaccine Information Center:

According to the CDC, the vaccine reduced shingles by about half (51%) in adults 60 years and older.1 The manufacturer product insert states: “Vaccination with Zostavax does not result in protection of all vaccine recipients. The duration of protection beyond 4 years after vaccination with Zostavax is unknown. The need for revaccination has not been defined.”2 However, efficacy studies showed a significant decrease in vaccine effectiveness one-year post-vaccination and by nine years, Zostavax was determined to be no longer effective at preventing shingles.3

Shingrix vaccine is estimated to reduce shingles by over 90% in adults 50 years and older.4 The length of protection from Shingrix past 4 years is unknown.5

So, sounds to me like they don’t think it lasts very long, and it isn’t clear if getting a new dose later would actually increase effectiveness again.


Well I guess I will just pray for a couple of decades that I don’t encounter this living hell of a disease and maybe hope they do better in the meantime.

Those anti-vax people are nuts. I would have taken another vaccine if it was offered to me.


Heh sounds very much where I am as well. Hell, vaccinate me for anything you can! I get flu shots every year, pneumonia shots, you name it.


This a million times


There were 3 illness/ accident I remember getting as kid Chickenpox was pretty awful as kid.


Arizona - land of morons


Awesome move by YouTube, wish they could pull them down as well, it baby steps.


Definitely. They need to carry insurance should their child be involved in an outbreak.



To update this story, Arizona governor says he will veto the bill.

But now here’s a (possibly) new front opening on the war against vaccines - they’re communist!



“Live free thus die” more exactly.


Live free XOR die.


That made me wonder if that means shooting an unvaccinated kid could qualify as self-defence.

This would, therefore, be the most American thing ever.


Live free and die of measles.


the most holy and sacred last frontier of sovereignty is our own body

Unless we’re talking about abortions. Then she thinks the government should tell you what to do. What a hypocritical piece of shit.


Research shows link between rise of European populism and vaccine hesitancy
Before anyone starts with “but liberals,” here’s a reddit post that succinctly but effectively answers the question “what makes a party populist?” and notes populism is not restricted to the left or right.

Populism is generally characterized by appealing to the masses rather than the elite that tend to control politics in a country. More often than not, populist politicans appeal to rhetoric and emotion more than appropriate policy (i.e., that which is beneficial for the group). Populism is generally successful because the masses feel disenchanted with the existing political structure that has seen their wishes go largely ignored.

You get populism on both the left and right of the political spectrum. Invariably, either left-wing or right-wing populism tends to collapse into a cult of personality around the populist leader, which is why, despite “appealing to the masses” seeming like the way things should be, populist politics tend to result in rather regressive policies geared towards the supporters of the leader, while opponents tend to be ignored. We’re seeing a perfect example of populist politics unfolding in America.


Populism is not synonymous with conservatism, as we saw in Venezuela.


and a sarcastic thank you to Westerners for this bit of cultural imperialism.

quite a few threads on /r/Malaysia since, as it seems it was bigger than even the locals thought.


A new study was just published in Denmark which - once again - concludes that there is zero association between the MMR vaccine and autism. This is a massive, nation-wide study including 657,461 children born from 1999 to 2010. 6517 of these children have been diagnosed with autism. This is one of the largest studies published on the MMR vaccine and autism, and is a follow-up to an earlier Danish study involving 537303 children born between 1991 and 1998, which similarly found no link between the vaccine and autism.

It is worth noting that Wakefield’s original “study” was based on 12 kids with autism (8 of whom he posited had developed this in connection with the MMR vaccine).

Of course, the hardcore anti-vaccine mob will ignore this as always, but just in case you know anyone who can be convinced by logic and science, this might be worth citing.


The anti-vaxxers will likely just move to some other, equally unsubstantiated claim, like “It’s not the MMR vaccine, it’s getting a bunch of vaccines all at once! I’m just gonna spread them out.”

Just take your fucking vaccines on schedule, assholes. You aren’t doctors and scientists.