The Vaccines vs Torch Wielding Mobs debate continues


What about this, and I am sure insurance companies will get on board with this.

If you choose to not vaccinate your kids, any costs resultant of them getting measles,mumps,rubella,tetanus etc won’t be covered by insurance. Your insurance should cover the vaccines, not the costs of your idiocy. I don’t need my premiums to go up because some soccer mom from Tahoe doesn’t think that Braylen needs a tetanus booster.


Well, they should cover costs up to the cost of the vaccine. So like, $10 or whatever.


Sure, sounds good. Lets do it. And this is not to punish those kids who cannot get the vaccine because of health problems, this is to say, if you want health insurance, you need to get your kid vaccinated, or a doctor’s note saying they can’t be.


Don’t worry, when the GOP installs the 100% private free market insurance system they’ve been dreaming about, worthless things like vaccines or birth control or pregnancy won’t be covered. $$$avings!


It continues.




“Our cat was vaccinated and most of the time he acts like we are not even there!”


How do you tell the difference between a Lab with autism and one without?

You can’t


When do you suppose the first of these anti-vax dog owners’ kids will get rabies?


Local laws are different, but unlike kids, if you don’t vaccinate a dog against rabies here it’s a nasty fine, year after year and year because you cannot get a license without it and a license is required for dogs.


Its not hard for an unlicensed dog to go unnoticed. Licensing compliance is usually pretty low.


I’m going to go out on a limb and guess the anti-vax group that also won’t vaccinate their dog isn’t going to be the group hiding up in the forest with seven feet fences and spiked collars. Their pets are going to be out and about and will probably see a vet when sick, and they might even try to fly with one. I mean it’s a discouragement not a prison sentence.


Yeah, people drive without a license or insurance all the time. Dog licensing is nothing compared to that.


If you guys are aware of some other way we make sure dogs get their vaccines, please do share. As far as I know, at most, it’s licensing. In my state, the cats don’t even require that. They are not considered pets and require no license.


Don’t even get me started on fish licenses.


I don’t. In most places the only one that is really looked at is rabies. I think a valid rabies tag # is required for the local dog license, but I might be wrong about even that.

As for overall dog licensing compliance?

Even in the 1980s, an unscientific way to calculate the population was to double the number of dog licenses, Connors said — and, back then, there was a lot more focus on door-to-door dog license surveys. State officials often helped municipalities conduct these surveys. But these checkups have largely gone by the wayside, as municipalities struggle with financial problems and the state has fewer people to help, Connors said. This probably means a smaller percentage of owners are getting their dogs licensed.


I think I recall, and this may be hazy with age, a person coming to our door and asking if we had a dog. My mother said yes and they asked to see her (the dog, not mom) license. Were they from the city? ASPCA? I have no idea.


The sheriff department or the police, not sure which, used to do this years ago. People would get so mad because the kids, of course, would answer honestly to someone who said something like hey is that your dog, and they would say, yes, dog’s name… ticket shows up in the mail. The dog is not licensed.


Every dog is autistic.

Being a dog causes autism.


My Lab has stomach issues and ate several feet of heavy blackout curtain when I stepped out briefly. Do curtains cause autism, or do autistic dogs eat curtains? I’m having trouble sorting this one out.