The Vaccines vs Torch Wielding Mobs debate continues


Were the curtains autistic?


I did vaccinate them. Crap.


In December, the alarming outbreak compelled county officials to take the drastic — and, they say, unprecedented — step of banning unvaccinated children from attending certain schools that had vaccination rates lower than 95 percent.

Months later, the parents of more than 40 banned children at Green Meadow Waldorf School sued the Rockland County health department, asking a federal judge to allow the students to return to class. This week, U.S. District Court Judge Vincent Briccetti denied their request, ruling that it wasn’t in “public interest” to allow the children to go back to school.

But the parents have said the ban, which the county calls an “exclusion order,” has “caused and continues to cause irreparable harm” to them and their children, according to the lawsuit.

Yes, the unvaccinated Madizyn and Traxxton are unable to attend their private pre-school because I didn’t want them to be safe from measles.

At Green Meadow, the vaccination rate was just 33 percent when the December ban took effect, the Journal News reported, citing the county’s data. Since then, the county said it has risen to 56 percent, though a school’s spokeswoman told the Times the share was actually 83 percent — either way, short of the mandated threshold.

The school is complying with the county health department’s order, its spokeswoman said, and will welcome its students back when it is legally allowed.

In the meantime, though, the children — some of whom are as young as preschool age — just have to wait until the outbreak clears. One mother, who has chosen to keep her 4-year-old unvaccinated, told local media that her child is distressed.

"“He is confused,” she said, “given his young age, about why he isn’t allowed on his campus.”
“Mother, whyst aren’t I allowed to pursue my education upon thine campus?” spake the 4 year old.

Cry me a fucking river, vaccinate young Greydun and he can go back to school you idiotic twit.


I’ve been seriously thinking about something. What if we introduce a law that states if you infect someone else with one of the vaccine preventable diseases you are criminally and financially liable if you chose to not get the vaccine due to non-health related exclusions?

I mean why should someone else have to suffer disease because you refused to do what is needed to exist in a decent society?


The problem is we have people who can’t take the vaccine, either because they’re too young, maybe too old, or something medical/health reason they can’t. That group is really, really relying on the herd mentality, but they can still get the disease and spread it. We also have visitors from other countries who might not have had a chance or even access to the kind of medicine we have here.

I am fine with punishing people who are like these parents but the others, not so much.


I was told I couldn’t start college without showing them my vaccination records. So fuckem all.


Think of all the poor Parkers and Braydens and Kaitlyns and Nevaehs of the world who are being denied their rightful places in history as the next Typhoid Dipshit.


Or Chairish, Phelony, Ledjend, Adorabell, Jaxxson, Layke, Taggart, Maverick, Kynnedi,

I think the popular thing with baby names today, is to take a normal name, and mis-spell it. Or name your kid after a Top Gun character’s nickname.


Mother of God


You mean Nevaeh?



Yep, they would be exempt.


Can people be vaccinated against horrible name choices?




We named our daughter Emerson. Straightforward, unisex name, and we explicitly decided on no weird spellings.

There’s another baby in her day care named…


It’s like something out of the Elder Scrolls. I laughed out loud when I saw the name and got a weird look from the daycare folks.

(apologies to folks with weird name spellings, no hate)


When i see kids with weirdly spelled names, i assume their parents just didn’t know the correct spelling.


I was named after my uncle Chris. He was 19 years old and killed in a motorcycle accident just before I was born. He was an artist, and signed his name on his paintings as “Krys”. My mother wanted to name me “Krystyn” (as I am female) to remember her brother. My father overruled her however, and my name is the more normal “Kristin”. (Though I’ve stopped even bothering to correct people who spell it “Kristen” even after I’ve spelled it out loud for them.)

Edit: I feel that I should add that my mother was not one to give weird spelling to things, and I have two normally named brothers as well. It was just this one particular circumstance.


I work in a huge system that has so many different names and cultures and spellings, I have no idea where they came from, why they’re spelled that way, and I don’t care. As long as someone has patience with me when it comes to spelling it or saying it correctly, I’ll do my best.

In America, we butchered an untold amount of names anyway, the correct spelling as we think of it might just be some typo of generations ago anyway.


I wish more parents would think of the lifetime of annoyance they’re subjecting their kids to when they name them something really off-the-beaten-path. I think creative names are great and all but crazy spellings are just cruel to your children. They’ll spend their entire life correcting other people on how to spell it. No one wants to deal with that.


I named my son after my mother’s brother who was a Marine and died very young. So what does he like to call himself?

Vinnie the Guinea. Sometimes it’s not the parents who screw up.



My last name is super weird and unusual, to the point that Germans who should be able to just read it (na, na, sagt man wie auf Deutsch!) fail to pronounce it correctly.

I have no desire to inflict upon my children any compounded sorrow about their first names. (And we didn’t, and they’re great, so all is well.)