The Vaccines vs Torch Wielding Mobs debate continues


My wife once worked with someone name Le-sha

It is pronounced, of course, “leh dash shuh”


Id like to show this to every anti-vaxxer


What is with these stupid assholes?!


That’s easy. They are stupid. And they are assholes. Case closed.


So he gets it and gives it to a bunch of other people, some who may be infants or immune compromised. If he lived in my city I’d be in his face giving him an earful.


In your case that would be a terrible idea. Immune compromised persons are particularly screwed by people like this. They should be quarantined for being a danger to others.


Haha so true.


Here is hoping for a nice recurring outbreak of shingles in his future.



And of course, the Plague is still around, and a bacterial infection, not a virus.


I can’t tell if he’s joking? Man I hope he is, otherwise he’s dumb as a bag of rocks.


Yeah, pretty sure he is. Just check out his other tweets.


Anti-vaxxers are not just selfish and willfully ignorant… they’re extremely evil too.


I just recently saw that. I thought I couldn’t get more furiously angry than I already was.

Narrator: He was wrong.


Not gonna lie, if I saw one of these people in real life? I’d give them the Richard Spencer treatment.


That poor mother, that poor family. What the hell is wrong with these people?


People have become so actually evil. I just… I can’t understand the world we live in today.


I just don’t know what to say. I feel we are crossing an event horizon of evilness, ignorance and odiousness.


Can anti-vaxxers just go away to another planet so I never need to post in this thread again?

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin made headlines Tuesday after revealing in a radio interview that he had purposefully exposed his nine unvaccinated children to chickenpox, drawing swift condemnation from health experts.

The article goes into all the complications that can arise immediately and later on in life that any idiot ant-vaxxer won’t give a second thought to because they’re too selfish to admit they’re wrong.