The Vanishing of Ethan Carter - ex-People Can Fly and photogrammetry

I have no idea if this game will be good or not, but the tech is pretty impressive.

In motion, it looks incredible.

Seems like a really impractical way to make a game:

  1. First we build a house
  2. Then we let it weather for 100 years to get that precisely weathered look we’re going for
  3. Then we take four million pictures of it
  4. Then we digitize it at high resolution
  5. (Our fourth generation ancestors) Profit!

Unless you’re making a game set in a real place?

You had me with People Can Fly. But I don’t understand much of what that linked page was trying to tell me.

Thanks for the link, Telefrog. The whole project seems awfully ambitious. I can’t think of a game I’m more excited for this year.

Edit: Slightly off-topic.

Here’s a narrative-focused interview with Adrian Chmielarz:

Apologies for the double post.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter - Welcome to Red Creek Valley trailer.

Here’s a link for the high quality version:

I like the trailer, I didn’t hear about this game at all until today.

New trailer.It’s coming to PC next month (pre-orders starting soon) and PS4 next year. Really looking forward to it.

13 min walk through of the beginning of the game.

I have to say it looks really interesting, like a combination of Alan Wake / Batman detective vision , without the combat.

Now this is how you sell a game to me.

I dunno… why didn’t the protagonist react to discovering a severed body? If you know that hunting for random objects is dumb gameplay why did you include it?

And Murdered: Soul Suspect has made me wary of any game that has floating, handwritten text.

A clarification no-one wanted: I meant Alan Wake meets Batman.

I don’t watch gameplay videos but mentioning Soul Suspect is definitely not how you sell a game to me.

Very interesting!

I liked the floating text and how the MC didn’t automatically know what happened, he just teases more questions. I’m less enthused with the supernatural read-the-past ability.

I was willing to buy this just to experience the graphics but now the gameplay looks intriguing as well.

Yeah, looks really good. For some reason this title had not been jumping out at me and I was not going to bother watching the vid, but I am glad I did.

Hour long video by Total Biscuit, mute and enjoy.

Probably going to cave and grab the game just to poke around Red Valley. Crazy gorgeous.

Stunning. Pre-loadgoes live a few hours before the game releases. 4gb download.

Two things I just learned about this game:

  1. It comes out tomorrow.
  2. It’s $20.

This is so bought.

You guys are not helping me as I try to convince myself to wait for a sale… :|

Holy crap.

Must…not…watch…TB vid…