The Vast of Night - Amazon Indie-Scifi Movie

I really liked the mood setting, apart from the clumsy framing device, but it didn’t really do anything with it. It reminded me a bit of the bait and switch in Gone Home, except there was no switch.

I just watched this. Loved absolutely everything about it except the ending, but honestly, that’s still pretty damn good. Endings are hard.

Finally saw this. Pretty good overall(I’d go as far as to say the first 20 minutes or so was excellent), but I’d agree that this would have worked better as a short rather than feature length. The framing device was unnecessary and pulled me out of the movie a bit, but it was only here and there.

Thanks @marquac for the Ars link. Saving it for later.

I enjoyed this a lot, though it was not what I was expecting (whatever that may have been). The fact that it was so different and so well-done heavily offset the somewhat less impressive (IMHO) ending. In fact, I was transfixed right up until that point, and I’m not quite sure why. Possibly because of the amazing camera work and audio during those signature scenes. Possibly because the three main actors were fantastic (and I’m counting the old woman - four if you count the voice on the telephone).

And possibly because I’m a fan of the subject matter and an old Art Bell fan, and I felt like I was watching his fictional origin story.

I just loved so much about this that the positives greatly outweighed any negatives. I read a few negative Amazon reviews, and can understand where they are coming from, so this movie won’t be for everybody, but speaking only for myself, this movie put me in a really nice place.

Edit: I just posted the following in YouTube’s comment section of a review, where it will promptly be lost, so here it is again: This is not a movie that a large number of folks will appreciate, possibly a majority of folks. Which is a shame. This is art that exists in a world that values entertainment more than art. And while it is entertaining, not enough people will be able to appreciate the art and craft that ultimately are what make this film compelling.

Loved it. Will probably watch it a second time soon.

I watched this again last night and one thing that has jumped out of me more is how much I enjoy is Bruce Davis’ voice as Billy. I don’t think I’ve seen anything that he has been in which was good as I didn’t spend any time trying to figure out whose voice that was and instead I could focus on what he was saying. Suffice to say I think his performance was really good.