The Video Game Machine - The Game that Makes Games

Stardock announced The Video Game Machine today, a sandbox game where players can create, play, and share video games of their very own!

The alpha begins on May 29th - you can learn more on the forums.

The one true Mario Maker killer.

Sounds interesting in concept, but similar game creator “games” have had an issue that I don’t think any of them ever overcame. Games that 99% of users make end up being very simple, cookie-cutter garbage. How will this get around that?

Anyone know anything about Mad Scientist Games? I feel like Stardock is less successful when they stray from classic strategy games, and 2D action games is a stretch. I wonder as to the pedigree of their partner on this (presumably they’re the developer).

The Founder’s alpha for The Video Game Machine begins later today! We recently posted an overview of how game creation works on our forums, so please check it out if you’re curious: