The waiting room thread

I’m in a waiting room at my dentist office. They got my appointment time wrong and double-booked my slot.

I’ve been in several waiting rooms lately, for long periods of time. I can’t be the only one here that occasionally finds themself with nothing better to do than update a waiting room thread.

I always bring my kindle to any situation involving a waiting room. Annoying delays become opportunities to catch up on my reading :)

Cellphone for me. Except sometimes you fuckers don’t post fast enough and I have to check reddit.

reddit for chrissakes.

I have a kindle app on my phone, and could technically pick up where I left off in that new FEAR: Trump in the Whitehouse book… but I don’t think that would be very conducive to a pleasant drilling experience.

You’d want Stormy D’s new memoir for that…

Something something Toad

Noooo. God. No.


There’s a guy at the receptionist discussing the agonizing pain he experiences because of a cracked tooth, and I’m sitting here laughing.

Captain Toad games, where Toad explores hidden caves and foreign planets, suddenly feels much more ominous.


Oh god, the horror!

And here’s something to read and pass the time in the waiting room. As the article says, for no real reason at all.

Here is a quick surrealistic comedy excerpt.

Last time that I was in a hospital waiting room, just a few months ago, there was a copy of Motor Trend from 2007…

Lately, what I do at waiting rooms is… I study Japanese.

Yeah, I know. I’m weird. すみません。

We play bingo yell housey, housey!

Didn’t understand it, but I laughed.

Noun. housey - housey (uncountable) Lotto or bingo, especially when played for money.

The Cycling Tour is my favorite Python episode. After much viewing and consideration. Not my favorite skit, by far. Favorite episode? Yes.

I’m having a lively discussion with the receptionist about automation (driverless vehicles) and technology (amazon) putting companies and people out of work.

She’s also the same person that screwed up my appointment, not that it matters.

Great skits, best ending.

Well if we’re doing this

I just read on my Kindle app on my phone. It’s better than my ancient Paperwhite.