The Walking Dead Thread for Anal Tapirs Who Just Want to Bitch About It

Knock yourselves out. I’ll be in the other thread, enjoying the program.

I haven’t been really posting in the other thread, but it’s not a good show at all.

Well, to be fair it is the worst show on television.

Hyperbolic, much? I’ll take Walking Dead over 2 and a Half Men any day.

This has to be a joke post. Right?

Why is that?

Take a guess.

I don’t recall the last time I posted there.

He isn’t taking issue with your posting history.

I don’t think people bitch enough about the show for this thread to get much action. All there is amounts to an occasional post about Lori being annoying or Dale’s character not minding his business.

Oh. OOOH. I get it now. Yeah, as a response to the thread it was.

I still think the show sucks though.

So is there going to be a Skyrim tv series?

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Are YOU an anal tapir?

It’s quite possible. Well, at least I figured we needed another thread about it … ;)

I thought Game of Thrones had quite a few similarities.

Not enough sweet rolls.

Wait, wait, WAIT. Are YOU an anal tapir?

Don’t be a jackass dermot. If you can’t cope with criticism of a show you like then don’t talk about it on the internet. Or with anybody who has discerning taste I guess.

People have different taste. Get over it.

I wasn’t entirely serious when I started this thread. But I did so having read the proper ‘Walking Dead’ one in it’s entirety and it’s pretty much 99% people bitching about the program.