The war on marijuana


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Conservatives have an, “almost obsession,” with a lot of things they should just let go. It doesn’t surprise me this guy has a hard-on about it.

His problem is that the secret is now out. It is a huge money maker in the states who have legalized it for recreational use. And as more and more people try it and understand it isn’t the big bad wolf they expected it to be, there will only continue to be MORE pressure on the fed to lift restrictions on marijuana, not less.

He’s living in a bubble that doesn’t have a long life.


Yeah, all of those guys belong to the small window where everything overcorrects back towards angry conservatives after pushing a bunch of liberal policies out. We got a lot of progress done during Obama’s term, there’s going to be a bit of rubber band snapback after that. Hopefully Sessions will be out of the picture the next time we have this shit going on.


As is often the case with progress, it requires a lot of old people to just plain die.


And we didn’t even get the death panels up and running. Ugh!


Obamas greatest failure as president, IMO. He made it so old people could afford health care, when the real way to decrease costs is to go all Logans Run.

That it would get rid of Sessions and his ilk is pure bonus.

(This is a joke, for the record, before anyone who had their sense of humor surgically removed takes that seriously)


checks palm
notes that his gem is now black


I love the smell. It’s one of the best smells on earth. Right up there with sex.


It’s not physically addictive; I don’t think any doctor would ever debate you there.

However, I recently have spoken to someone who attributes a psychotic episode (which unfortunately landed him in a stabilization unit) to nothing other than daily, heavy, habitual use of weed. I’ve seen Reefer Madness, and yes it’s hilarious and exaggerated, except not in this fellow’s case: he actually lived it. I am hugely in favor of marijuana legalization, but the fact that it can uncover psychological issues is enough to give me pause.

A little bit of common sense will go a long ways, moving forward.


That is so far outside of my realm of experience, I can’t even comprehend that someone feels that way. Makes me wonder if there’s a genetic trait where different people experience the smell differently (like with cilantro).


Could be. I would be super interested to learn more about that.


I will just say that correlation is not always causation. Conversation can trigger psychological issues as well, but I am not going to endorse prohibiting talking. I think that people try really hard to tie psychological issues to marijuana, when in most cases those issues are already there and will become self evident with or without marijuana in the equation. We also need to consider that marijuana may in fact be beneficial for many issues. I agree a bit of common sense is necessary and we need more research to better understand the pros and cons of marijuana use.


I’m pretty sure that sustained, heavy eating of cheesecake will probably cause people to become psychotic (not to mention fat);.


Including a majority of Republicans.


If Clinton had been elected, it’d probably be legal by now.


I was in Vegas last week and hit up a dispensary. Great experience, would visit again.

They opened a dispensary next to my office here in Somerville, but you need a medical card to get inside. We supposedly voted to legalize it last year so I don’t know wtf the problem is.


Recreational sales usually take a while to get going even after voters OK rec use. CA passed rec use last November, but won’t begin rec sales until the first of the year. I think CO took over a year to get going as well. NV is the outlier, and it still took 8 months from the law passing before dispensaries could sell to non-medical card holders.


My mother got a medical card in the state I live in. She hasn’t actually tried anything but she got it just in case she wanted to, for diabetic neuropathy.

I asked about the meeting with the doctor and he spent like two hours with her, went through all her medications and medical history, etc, checking for problems or conflicts. She also said the waiting room was full of people in very obvious disability or pain, people who had trouble walking due to various ailments, people who couldn’t move a limb, etc. I am actually surprised how on-the-level it was. I have heard in California everyone had a medical card and it was just a formality. But not here I guess.


He may believe there is a link. I suppose the bigger question is. What does his doctor say? Not trying to cast aspersions on the good man, it is just suffers of mental illness may not the the best people to be diagnosing such things.

Neither am I of course. Which is why I am asking.


I mean I know people that attribute autism to vaccines and chem trails.

Maybe we should start banning those things.