The war on marijuana


Oh yeah. Many people find marijuana to be a far better pain control substance than prescription opiates. With fewer side-effects and less chance of negative interactions. And a lot of them are about as far from the stereotype of “heh heh look at me I have a “medical” card, dude!” some folks (not necessarily here) have about medical users.


So it seems that John Morgan, the lawyer that got medical marijuana in Florida, is ready for the next step. He’s getting behind legalizing it here. He’s also going to run for Governor and the buzz is that he’s the one to beat, Democrat or Republican. Should be interesting. He has the money to back up his words. And like he just said on the news,“I can talk about this and you can disagree, But I have a day job and can afford it.”


So, vote John Morgan! Any downsides to him being governor?


John Morgan is pretty much a single issue guy. He’s a big time attorney from these parts, that’s how everyone knows him. His signature commercials play everywhere and make him sound like a good dude, but politically I think he’s only ever been involved in the marijuana stuff. I liked him a lot in that role, financing two campaigns to get signatures to put medical marijuana on the ballot. He debated people over here but I think only ever on the marijuana stuff. He’s pretty open about how much he likes the stuff, and between that and the 10 or 20 year PR campaign for his law offices I think a lot of people like him. His tagline is literally, “For the people”. In fact, that’s literally the website url, lol.

I want to know more about the rest of his politics but honestly it would be really hard to be worse than our current governor and legislature.

Lately his ads have sounded more political, i.e.:

And look at that, he went from “for the people” to “the people’s lawyer”. Hmmm

He’s a character:

And since he always says, “I’m John Morgan of Morgan and Morgan” we get this fun video:


He’s pretty well known for going to bars and partying hard. Paying for rounds for the house. I’d gladly pick him over Rick Scott or Charlie Crist.


Seems like a good bloke. “For the Reefer!” Lol.


It’s well known for it. There’s at least an anecdotal association with schizophrenia I gather.

Very low percentages, but that will be cold comfort for you. All psychoactive drugs have their downsides, no matter the reason they are taken.

I had no idea they legalised it, that is astonishing.

Tearing down civil war statues and legalising reefer, it’s like some sort of psychedelic parallel world in which the counterculture never ended.


At this point, given that most folks have smoked weed and recognized that it didn’t in fact have any real negative impacts on their lives, the old Reefer Madness garbage doesn’t play that well any more.

That coupled with quite a lot of medical science showing it to be less harmful than alcohol in virtually every way.


Indeed. As far as I am aware (I am not a doctor) the only proven negatives to weed is inhaling smoke, which is obviously never a good idea. Which is not an issue if you eat it.


Pretty much.


Yeah, inhaling particulate is bad for you… Humans aren’t designed to breathe smoke.
But given there doesn’t seem to be any suggestion regarding outlawing cigarettes, it kind of rings hollow when folks criticize weed for it. And really, no one smokes two packs of joints a day.

Hell, I think that it’s more common for young whippersnappers to use vaporizers these days.


I’m pretty far from a young whippersnapper, and that’s what I use. A lot easier on the lungs, and much more economical!


Out of curiosity, how is it more economical?

I’m still in my 30s, but I haven’t smoked weed in ages. Back when I was in college, vaporizers were gimmicky things still.


By my rough estimation, you can get 20-25 solid sessions per gram by vaping. Smoking that much would get me maybe 3 to 5. Then again, the strains themselves have come a long way in the last several years. I started vaping about 5 years ago, after I developed asthma following a hospital stay, and vaporizers have also come a long way even since then.

Another advantage to vaping is the smell is less pronounced and doesn’t cling to you.


They can also be economical because convection vaporizers don’t burn your material when the power isn’t on. That means you can load it, use a little, put it down, and pick it up days later while still using that initial bowl. Great for people who only use a little and alone.


It can be moderately substantial savings over the same amount of dry herb. In addition to what TranquilityBase and dgallina mentioned, post vaping leaves material that hasn’t been burned. Vaping is boiling at high boil points. Each compound within cannabis becomes vapor within a different temperature range. Thus the leftover burn amount varies depending on how hot the vaporizer has been set. Typically it is brown but not burned in any way. This post-vaped material has many names, but a popular one is ABV (already been vaped.) There is still THC/CBD within the material, even minute. That tiny bit can then be extracted with techniques to use to then make edibles.

So, a little more economical initially, but can be substantially so if you use the leftovers.

Also not to be confused with vaping dry herb are oil extracts, waxes and shatter, which are all methods to inhale just the extracted THC and/or CBD compounds. No dry herb is even present in those cases. Costs for those may be higher though due to processing, so perhaps not substantially more economical.


Never ceases to amaze.

Less harmful than alcohol? The most destructive drug in our society with the possible exception of tobacco?


Good thing there’s no relationship between number of people taking a drug and number of people suffering ill effects from it!

Marijuana is apparently now the worlds only psychoactive drug without significant negative side effects.

I think some do partake.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, if you’ll excuse me while I head out to play some Pokemon Go


Well, it’s also one that’s been steadily consumed by humans for thousands of years.


There actually probably wouldn’t be civilization without alcohol.


Are you guys stoned right now?

I feel like this has got very weird and I could follow a bit better after a quick toke.