The war on marijuana


Honestly, it makes complete sense right now for the Democrats to adopt as an official party platform plank full legalization. It has wide, bipartisan support across multiple demographics. The merits of doing so can be argued on fiscal responsibility levels, on libertarian appeals, and civil rights grounds.

I think it’ll happen, too.



~insert slow clap gif~





Perhaps the Assisted Suicide states will be next. It has been five minutes since an AG went after those. I’m sure there is nothing better he could be doing.


What is wrong with Sessions? Oh that’s right, he’s a Republican.


If it makes Liberals happy, it won’t happen. Or it will get repealed.


Oops, I missed “Democacratic […] party platform”. In which case there’s a good chance.


Honest question: do you just use a bot to randomly reply to topics?

I mean honestly, you just replied to me that “if it makes liberals happy” the Democrats won’t adopt a particular plank in their party platform.

Which makes no sense whatsoever.


Real talk, Dems won’t adopt this into their platform because they need those Pharma-bux too.


No, I just read too quickly and missed “Democacratic […] party platform”, and thought he meant full legalization in the entire US.

Simply the chaos introduced by enacting a piece of legislation, then repealing it, then enacting it again, and repealing it, etc. makes Republicans happy.


They also need millennials to show up, so I can see this going either way.



Yeah, if you straight up campaign on “Elect us. Weed will be legal everywhere.” you’ll likely get massive millenial turnout. At least, I know that would have gotten ME to the polls when I was in college.


Marijuana legalization, strong net neutrality, these are platform pillars that could drive younger turnout that have no meaningful downside.

Get on it DNC.


If policy positions had impact on the outcome of elections, we’d have a different president. Elections are determined by boredom and demographic panic.


People will also vote if you promise to give them stuff though, and legalization of MJ is a promise that’s easy to keep, and has no budgetary cost… it would actually save the government money.


I’m trying to figure out how pot and internet use wouldn’t fall under both of those categories ;)


You mean, due to the pot-induced paranoia?


In addition, I don’t think they’d lose any votes. Sure, there are people who think legalized drugs are the path to damnation. But I suspect that the vast majority of those folks are already lost to the Dems due to their positions on gay marriage, birth control and abortion.

You would have to leave room for red-state senate candidates to vary from the party line, of course. But this should be the party line.