The war on marijuana


That, or the panic that someone won’t be able to easily take care of finding more and won’t be able to soothe their blues while watching Netflix without paying extra to their IP.


It absolutely does, and doesn’t even need the qualification of winky eyes.


I have to say I am delighted at just how incompetent Sessions and Trump are. I am just rubbing my hands with delight at how keen they are to destroy the Republican party amongst the electorate particularly the new generation of voters. This is one issue where bipartisan support of legal weed is particularly strong so its great to see it become another wedge issue to hammer Republicans with this year. Keep it up guys you are doing a GREAT job! I think the only real disspointment I have is that the Democratic leadership havent tried to make this an us vs them issue before now. Happily for us however Sessions & Trump have done it for us.

Another broken campaign promise to hang around Trump’s neck is just the cherry on top.


So my updated campaign plans;

  1. change my legal name to Generic Democrat (all polls will instantly make me the favorite!)
  2. make platform include:
    • Net Neutrality
    • legalized marijuana
    • repealing idiotic “security” measures
    • renaming the Pacific time zone to Steam Standard and make “One More Turn Day” a national holiday
    • abolishing gerrymandering
    • nationalize voter registration, making it automatic and permanent for everyone with a pulse as of their 18th birthday.
    • mandating body cams for all law enforcement
  3. promise to only tweet memes voted for on
  4. promise to hire competent people
  5. promise to offer roles in administration to top Trump officials; people who would sit on the platform in dunking booths and/or be the recipients of pies in the faces


Shut up and take my vote!


But Dan’s emails.


ALso this.


Mr Popehat’s marijuana-DOJ explainer is pretty good.

tl;dr: probably not much will change.

As long as Rohrabacher-Farr remains in every federal appropriations bill, Department of Justice policy is mostly symbolic — the Department of Justice will still be prohibited from spending money on prosecuting people for medical marijuana activities that are legal under state laws. (That doesn’t limit prosecutions of non-medical personal use activities, though — but it will be difficult to tease them apart.) And, practically speaking, it’s utterly impossible for the Department of Justice to prosecute more than a very tiny fraction of marijuana cases. They don’t have the resources. A big U.S. Attorney’s Office might file around 1200 indictments a year — that’s all indictments for all types of cases and crimes. Of that, maybe a dozen, tops, might be about marijuana. They can’t change that without sacrificing other priorities. They could abandon every other type of case and still not do a tenth of the marijuana cases that local authorities do. Moreover, marijuana legalization is quite popular, and federal interference in it is quite unpopular, so there’s not a whole lot of upside.


Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) said in an angry speech from the Senate floor Thursday that President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions had gone back on their past commitments to respect states’ individual marijuana laws, and that he would be tying up DoJ nominations until Sessions “lives up to the commitment that he made to me.”

“I will be putting today a hold on every single nomination from the Department of Justice until Attorney General Jeff Sessions lives up to the commitment that he made to me in my pre-confirmation meeting with him, the conversation we had, that was specifically about this issue of states’ rights in Colorado,” the senator said.

Gardner’s efforts to hold up nominations would continue until an Obama-era policy, the Cole Memorandum, is reinstated, he said. The Cole Memorandum stated that federal prosecutors would practice a hands-off approach when it came to state marijuana laws, accommodating a wave of pro-marijuana legislation at the state and local level.

Sessions nixed the Cole Memorandum Thursday, saying that future marijuana-related prosecutorial decisions, even in states where it is legal at various levels, would be left to individual U.S. attorneys, Politico reported.


Mildly infuriating.


Believe this when I see it. As a CO resident, Gardner has been absolutely horrible, voting with Trump 98% of the time. He sometimes latches on to visible issues like this to make noise, but does nothing material.

He also spent about 9 months ducking his constituents, and does not vote in a manner that represents the will of Colorado voters.

I get that he is a Republican, and expecting him to vote along with Democrats is unreasonable… but he was voted in because he framed himself as a moderate. He should be in the Collins, Murkowski camp, and at least extracting things for the people of Colorado in these bills that are passed, but he doesn’t. A complete GOP shill.

He is going to get voted out in 2020 - he is not well liked here in the state.


I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect everyone i know not to kill and eat children; by a similar token, I figure Republicans could actually learn to vote like they weren’t entirely fueled by hate if they wanted to be regarded as moderate.


I spoke with someone making my sandwich at Publix today. She was from the UK and was in the process of moving her family here because of her mother’s Alzheimers which had caused her to lose appetite and weight. She wanted her to get medical marijuana.

This isn’t just something a majority of the US wants, it’s something the world wants. Why on God’s green earth would Sessions stand in the way of that? Does he see it as a health crisis or something? It’s often due to health reasons that people want it.

Well, my parents don’t want it legalized, I guess. They still don’t understand.


Old people think that MJ will make you crazy.

They literally think this, without realizing that virtually everyone under the age of 40 has smoked weed at some point. Like seriously, almost everyone.



I believe someone mentioned it above. The privatization of our justice system allows people to profit on stupid crimes like these.


Unrelated to pot, but I have some very bad news for that lady, based on both firsthand knowledge and medical research within the community on that stage of the disease.


Yeah. Went through that with both my paternal grandmother and my mother. The loss of appetite is a particularly bad sign.


Try the age of 70.

A lot of it is racism and money via private jails, which I’m betting Sessions is getting kickbacks from in some manner.

And Jeff is crazy racist, so that helps.


Is it? The feds don’t prosecute that many cases. Per Popehat the other day, they only file about 1,200 total indictments per year, for all types of cases. This isn’t going to fill private prisons.

Maybe the chilling effect on medical marijuana helps big pharma sell more opiates. Or maybe he genuinely thinks that it leads to heroin abuse. That wouldn’t even make the top 100 list of bugfuck nuts-things that elderly conservatives hold to be true.