The war on marijuana


I mean maybe, but Occam’s Razor in politics tends to be:
“Why are they pushing this unpopular thing no one wants?”
“Follow the money.”

Jeff is getting paid somewhere for it somehow. He also probably believes it, because he’s an idiot, but he’s getting money at the end of the day too.


I call your Occam, and raise you one Hanlon’s Razor: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

(You could be right. But I have no trouble believing that Sessions is pretty deluded when it comes to how drugs actually work)


I mean… I think it’s both. Because it literally always is anymore.


Why the heck are these rules called “Razors”?

Here, let me google that for myself:

Razor (philosophy)

In philosophy, a razor is a principle or rule of thumb that allows one to eliminate (“shave off”) unlikely explanations for a phenomenon.

TIL that I learned something today!


I’m not sure but wouldn’t this also open up local and state law enforcement to prosecute local cases based on existing federal laws? If so, then yes it will help fill for profit prisons. If not then, yeah its a blip… unless you’re one of the unfortunate ones to get busted.


In the village, the barber shaves everyone who does not shave himself. Who shaves the barber?

Cheat here.


Crossing the threads here a little.


It’s not just everyone under 40 who’s smoked weed. It’s everyone under 75. The millions of people smoking in the 60s are that old now. And of course lots and lots smoked before then, too.

It makes no sense at all except if you suppose that Sessions and many of his peers are owned by the tobacco and alcohol industry lobbyists.




It might surprise you how many people of that generation smoke weed on a regular basis. I don’t think it is generational as much as just what mini-culture each person was brought up in.

And there are a lot of conservatives who look at smoking weed like they do gay marriage, they just don’t see any harm in it. Sure, they don’t like the “marriage” part and prefer “unions”, and with weed they just want it kept from the kids.


You’re right… I think they trick those people with the suggestion of, “today’s weed is way stronger than what you smoked!”

Which it often is… But the thing is, no strength of weed is going to hurt you.



I’ve never understood why they don’t get onboard. Or do they. Isn’t there a reefer version of Marlboro?


I feel like it might be kind of the reason why real casinos didn’t jump onboard with online casinos… didn’t want to risk their existing business. You’d think tobacco would be all over it but as far as they know they aren’t. Also these tents flew up around here like daises. It’s so hard to get anyone to do landscaping at a reasonable price when they can make fist fulls of literal dollars working for those groups instead.


Weed is not addictive. You can’t lock in a customer base like you can with tobacco.

Also, weed is much easier for people to just grow themselves. No one grows their own tobacco, that I know of.


Well, unless one “believes” in psychological addiction (still scratching my head on that one, as it’s very real). Weed isn’t physically addictive.


I mean nearly anything can be psychologically addictive.

We can’t really legislate that or we’d have to make sex illegal, along with basically anything anyone might enjoy.


I think industry analysis probably shows that there would be very broad competition. Not to mention counterculture resistance to buying corporate product. Weed evidently grows more easily than tobacco, and there’s already an underground/backyard kind of culture for it.

But it’s still not entirely logical. Because they certainly would be able to get some kind of respectable share based on their brands and distribution networks and so on.


I’ve seen heavy users that have all the hallmarks of addiction if you take it away from them. There’s definitely a psychological dependency for some.


Anyone can grow shitty weed. Growing the good stuff takes a little more work and knowledge.

When medicinal growing was legalized here there were many instances of people stealing and even killing over grows. Of course those were more than just for personal stash.

As someone who probably smoked six out of seven days for many years I can attest to there being some type of dependency.