The war on marijuana


Lotta money in keeping something you can grow in your yard away from you so you have to buy something else.


Now they’re saying ibuprofen is dangerous too.

I am not on board that everyone should smoke or that it’s harmless pesay. Some of the kids in the training and educational program I volunteered at were really hard to motivate while under the influence. They just didn’t care while smoking that heavily, and getting them clean to pass a drug test, show up at work or go to class was rough but… like @Dan_Theman, there are plenty of things available right now that you could rather successfully argue are more harmful than this. And even in the states it is legal in, it’s not legal for minors.

A logical argument says this is an expensive and hopeless battle for the feds, and the feds have targeted some suppliers here in the recent past… didn’t stop the supply nor am I sure why that one and not say this other one.


You can overdose and go into liver failure, that’s dangerous. But I imagine one of the clauses of the AHCA is that we now have been granted the freedom to overdose, and more freedom is always good.


Not that, this is a more recent study or studies about cardiac arrest.


If risk to health is the defining factor any credible argument the Government has went out the window when they used our tax dollars to subsidise the tobacco industry. By Sessions thinking, they should round up the people who developed High Fructose Corn Syrup and have them drawn and quartered for their crimes against humanity.
This is the exact resistance I expected from the new administration because in the end they dont give a fuckall about peoples health and welfare ( the new health plan proves that ) they care about profiteering pure and simple. Its no coincidence that this bull follows close on the heels of the announcement of Trump relaxing the guidelines on private run prisons. When over 50% of your clientele is incarcerated for substance and substance abuse related charges, you don’t go killing the golden goose.


This, in a nutshell, is it. That, and the private prisons thing. It’'s about two things, really. Money for businesses that depend on chemical dependencies of the doctor prescribed, big-pharma produced kind, and a cultural blindness that has for decades associated marijuana with every unnamed, vaguely felt, and secretly dreaded “other” that white, middle Americans feel threatens their, well, white, middle-Americanness.

I don’t use weed, but man, as an educator at the college level (and going back to my days as an RA in the dorms as an undergrad), I know damn well that weed smoking young folks are a hell of lot less risk to others or themselves than good ole’ boys drinkin’ whiskey in Rye.


I actually don’t buy the angle that it’s kept illegal to keep big business happy. While I don’t doubt there are a few industries happy it’s illegal, I can’t see it as a big enough deal that they would devote serious lobbying resources to keeping it that way.

This is just a classic American moral panic over the plight of the innately-lazy-and-evil poor being seduced into further degeneracy (or poverty, same thing in America). Same logic that led to people thinking prohibition of alcohol was a decent idea when in fact it did not turn out to be.


It’s very handy for arresting brown people as well. And then sending them to private prisons where they make people money. The two things aren’t mutually exclusive.


You sure about that?

They seem to be quite interested in lobbying against pot, for some reason


That’s a big part of it, yeah. But I do think the contemporary, that is, the past twenty years or so, of this faux outrage is driven in part by business interests. The rise of medical marijuana has apparently hit the opiate-based painkiller industry in the nuts.




Here’s a link from today about the studies linking ibuprofen to cardiac risk:

So, I have never consumed marijuana for a number of reasons, but have nothing against it. I was coincidentally recently reading about the debate over whether smoking a joint is more harmful to your lungs than smoking a cigarette, and I was wondering if eating the weed would circumvent any health issues? What are the benefits to smoking it anyway which lead most people to do it that way? More potency?


A lot of the time it’s used to combat nausea, so eating it isn’t really a viable option if you’re vomiting all the time.

Ingesting it tends to be more potent as I understand it.


Smoking something gets it into your system virtually instantly, and is the fastest way short of direct injection.

But you could vape it now, and avoid most of the negative impacts of inhalation, which basically boils down to “smoke particulate is bad”.


This isn’t a one-or-the-other situation, unfortunately.


Marijuana edibles are also much harder to regulate your dosage. It won’t hit you for like 30-60 minutes after you eat it, and you don’t know how much you’re actually consuming until the high sets in. I ate a damn lollipop on a camping trip once and I was stoned for something like 15 hours. It sucked.


I see what you did there…


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Currently? Only that’s it’s cheaper, from a paraphernalia perspective. Marijuana and rolling papers are cheap. Skip the papers and get a pipe and over the long term, very cheap. Much cheaper than meds to help sleep, reduce anxiety, elevate mood, etc, etc. Wax dabs, shatter, oils, and other forms of vaping can be much higher potency. Due to paraphernalia to use though, more expensive. The process to make them is also more intensive, which is passed along in cost as well.

It is and it’s not. It has intense effects, they can be different from smoked/vaped effects. They also last longer. For those of you who would like to know more, this article (and site) contain a lot of great info. Be warned, any drug site references are NSFW and usually content filter flagged.