The war on marijuana


I am not a huge fan of drugs in general, I barely drink alcohol, I’ve never smoked anything, and the arguments the science just don’t support keeping this specific drug illegal. But for some reason, the GOP and their flock has picked this as a morale battleground.

Meanwhile, in Oregon, we have too much of the stuff, no everyone isn’t smoking it. Yes, you get someone reeking of the stuff in the store a little more often, and it’s so cheap and plentiful… I mean it’s less than the cost of a burger, that maybe stealing it isn’t really worth it anymore which is good. We don’t need additional thieves supporting expensive drug habits.


It’s really just a legacy holdover from Anslinger’s original strategy for building up his government organization by demonizing marijuana.

The strategy was based entirely upon baseless suggestions that marijuana caused psychological and moral deviancy. That it encouraged white women to sleep with black men.

This idea was baked into the minds of a generation, and they continue to carry it forward.


heh, pun intended I’m sure.



On 4/20 day. Bill Maher made a good case that Democrats should seize on legalizing marijuana, before the Republican co-opt it and create a group of single-issue voters similar to what the Republican/NRA have done with guns. Sessions is a really a gift to Democrats since, he is really the only major Republican threatening to crack down on pot.

Edit: opps missed Rock8man post. It’s worth listening to the last 10-15 minutes of the show if you can find it.


I’ve never attended a ballet while high, but I’ll bet it’s amazing.


I need to come up with a bumper crop of good puns!


Actually I saw Nutcracker in High School wasted. It was amazing. So was smoking hash in the bathroom in Radio City Music Hall. Hmmm. Maybe I just smoked hash in the bathroom.


Their other argument was they wouldn’t be able to harass black folks if “smelling weed” wasn’t a reason to do anything they wanted.


Euthanizing K-9 units and ending harassment of blacks would really be cruel to dogs and blacks.



Stupid argument. Just because a dog hits on marijuana doesn’t mean they can’t just find the marijuana and put that to the side as allowed, then search for something actually illegal. New dogs have to be trained all the time, so it’s simply a few years of cycle to go through the ones that apparently “cost millions to train.” Unless they are trying to say the dogs were trained to hit on just one thing: pot.

Or, lets say they do absolutely need to train new dogs. How about taking the hundreds of millions in tax revenue from legalizing marijuana and, you know, apply it to training new dogs. Also, if the departments spend millions on 275 dogs trained for that purpose, or can’t look for adoption families for 275 dogs, they have much bigger problems than worrying about, “what ifs,” like this.


Looks like Canada voted to legalize:


Cool, I’m a lot closer to the Canadian border than I am to Colorado!


Dirty Johnny is in school and they are having the spelling test given by their teacher.

The teacher asks the first Jeanne, how do you spell “ear”

Jeanne says “ear”, “e”, “e”, “r” …“ear”
The teacher says, Sorry that’s not right Jeanne. Next up is Bobby

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The teacher says "great job Johnny, now use it in a sentence.

Johnny pinches his fingers together, brings them to his mouth and takes a long, and I mean long imaginary drag on his pinched fingers, holds it in for about 20 seconds, and then extends his arm and says “ere”


Mildly off topic but its kind of amazing how things just gain a critical mass then BOOM, done. It was pretty much unthinkable when i was a kid that would would have legal weed. Amazing.


Yeah, I wonder how fast this will spread to other states now?


It’s even weirder living in Colorado. There are dispensaries everywhere, people drive up in broad daylight, and no one cares. It’s completely normal which is strange for me as a guy who always had to hide everything about it in my college years.


So what is the law exactly there? Can I smoke it on a street corner? Or is restricted for use in the home? If you are out walking around high and the police grab you for something and do a test for weed, are you in trouble? Just curious how it works there.


It’s illegal to use “in public” (which gets into a slightly grey area when you are talking about a parked car). There are a few social clubs where it’s legal to use now (but you can’t buy it there). Otherwise, you are expected to just use it in the privacy of your own home.