The war on marijuana


The vote tracker for Marijuana propositions and amendments is being posted by leafly and updated throughout the night.


Hahahahaha no


If there’s one guy who could benefit from mellowing the hell out…


And I drink a giant cup of coffee to make me sleepy before bed!


Heroin helps me get the energy to work out.


“Sure I use it, but if you want to, I’ll have to brutally murdered.”
Fucking Philippines.


What kind of fucked up weed is dude smoking that makes him murder 12,000 humans?


The war is over.

Jeff Sessions is crying his eyes out in a racist pillow someplace.


This is good.


Marlboro, Marlboro Red, Marlboro Light, Marlboro 100s, Marlboro Bud, Marlboro Man, Marlboro Duuuuude.


This kind of sucks. Not because of the legality issues, which it may help, but the production issues as in… they’re probably going to crush the small fry operations and not run into no one will bank with us problems while they’re at it.


Absolutely true. I imagine this will have to go the route of beer. Mass market piss water, and smaller craft brews.

Or in weed terms cheep green and premium dank nuggets. Those are what they call them, right? I don’t smoke so have no idea.

Also CBD items, those are another market I see being the venue for smaller operations.

But, yeah, selling your basic buzz they will crush all before them.


Nah, the American market will support both high end stuff as well as mass market stuff. Just like beer.


I have no problem with this.

I agree about the craft beer vs mass market beer comparison. Let them all thrive. There is a lot of room in the market right now.

Speaking of craft beer the local weed shop tried to sell me cannabis drinks the other day. Which would be fine but they literally only sell it in 100mg thc shots which is WAY above my tolerance even if sipped over an entire evening. But I can imagine cannabis drinks hitting bars & restaurants eventually.


I’m the wrong person to ask for that.

I just know it’s cheap as hell, the depositories are everywhere, a number of garden places cater to them and even after all that it seems like no one is making any money… and that’s assuming you don’t know someone or just won’t grow it yourself. Oh, and it’s largely a cash operation because everyone is afraid to give them accounts although at least one Credit Union, here, dropped out of the one group so they could open accounts.

I just think it’s a shame because a big player like that can dominate the market with no effort. It’s not really a proprietary process, and the Medical growers got crushed already…


Sure, that’s what I was getting at. The existence of Bud Light does not obviate Deschutes or Ninkasi.

But it does mean smaller producers, by nescesity, trend towards the craft and higher end. So it will be with weed, focus on secondary or high end products. Whatever strain is easiest and cheapest to mass produce will be dominated by the Phillip Morris’ or similar of the world.


Would you smoke GMO pot?


No? But not because of GMO, but because I don’t smoke.

Were i to indulge, sure. Why not.




Marlboro is going to have a hard time in existing markets. Colorado has already canabalized the non-competive operations. This isn’t green fields for Marlboro, they are 4 years late.