The war on marijuana


But they are huge and have big money.


And it’s not legal everywhere… yet.

Marlboro will establish itself and then push for legalization for states that aren’t legal yet. Then they just step into the vacuum with ready product and snatch the whole thing up.

Also convenience might be a thing for them eventually. Once they leverage legislatures to allow selling them in gas stations and tobacco shops ala alcohol… boom, they’re a massive player that can grab massive market share.


And lobbyists. They have lobbyists, who can hopefully push the Federal government to legalize it, too.

Love this news.


Exactly. I remember reading novels in the 1970s where mass produced marijuana cigarettes were common. As a stoner back then I thought it was a cool idea but it would never happen. Now it probably will.

But this brings up an issue.

Tobacco companies use the whole tobacco plant to make cigarettes. You just know that Marlboro will use stems, seeds and stalks as filler in their product. They will want to make the biggest possible profit. People who know their weed will most likely avoid the mass produced product. Unless it is so damned cheap that they can’t afford the good stuff.

Still, it is good news. Until it isn’t.


They’re a big player, and they will have economies of scale that almost no one else has. It’s kind of hard right now, maybe even impossible, to operate in more than one state due to the federal laws and the fact you can really cross borders. They’ll be ready though. The first to the market is not always the winner. If they are good though they have an advantage and can try and keep it.


No I dont smoke anything. I might take a vape in a pinch.

But eat it? Sure, no problem at all.


There will be “cigarette” and “cigar” versions eventually I suspect (with respect to quality… and maybe size, who knows maybe Snoop will get in on it).

Marlboro and their ilk will handle the former and smaller more specialized companies will take over the latter.


I believe that Snoop is all in on it already. :)


I suspect they’re lining up Congresscritters for it, if they don’t have a fair number already. Upside is that there is massive public support for it, so you don’t even have to leverage them that hard. It appeals to libertarians and liberals/progressives. Even conservatives mostly don’t care and there aren’t any of those left anyway. Sessions got himself out of the way for them.


So some farmers will support it. People who like to see more tax revenue will support it. Who won’t support it? Big Pharma? Conservatives who believe it’s the Devil’s smoke?


And anyone making money with private prisons.


And police dog trainers.


And Jeff Sessions


I’m with @Rod_Humble here. No, GMO smoke wouldn’t sway me … except to vape it. Or eat it in an edible.

But Marlboro bringing billions into the market and probably millions into lobbying wont hurt, at least not right now. What could hurt, short term, is any AG with a wisp of anti-legalization sentiment.


I’m concerned they will do what they’ve always done. Add more chemicals to make it way more addictive. I can see them doing a marijuana/tobacco hybrid as well laces with all the bad extras they add so people can’t put them down.




Regs and Krypto. Crunchy granola and Fire.

Honestly, I’m just making half of this up.


Problem is that pot isn’t naturally addictive, so that wont really work.

It’s a drug that people want at the end of the day, so they don’t need to do much. It’s not like Budweiser needs to magic up booze to make people consume it. They want to.


I’ve known people who wake and bake and then continue to partake throughout the day. Thing is, they are so used to it they don’t even really act buzzed.


My highschool buddies and I were like that. We’d spend the day with a few ounces on the table constantly rolling and smoking joints.