The war on marijuana


I think drug testing is starting to change for legal states. I signed up for a background-check site that also offers drug testing for potential employees. The drug testing section now offers tests without marijuana being tested as an option.


CA doesn’t drug test and hasn’t for a while.


I think we all have a job regret story somewhere. Hell, not knowing which thread you posted this in, we could use a job regret thread.


My company was considering getting rid of cannabis from the list of drugs we test for, they decided to hold off until Utah decides what they’re going to do.

They want to treat marijuana like alcohol, but the problem is drug tests (at least through the company we use) isn’t great at telling you how long ago you used. So basically if you smoked in the last 20 days it doesn’t look that much different than if you smoked today.

Heroin on the other hand isn’t picked up by their test after 48 hours.


One could also assume that humans like to get fucked up (c.f. everything forever since the beginning of time and also forevermore) and that getting your job done is independent of a cigaweed from time to time.

Or just keep fucking that purity chicken. That’s worked out well.




Yeah. And a lot of jobs used to allow you to get a bit messy. The cocktail lunch was a staple for a lot of sales people. I know that the AB brewery here in St. Louis at one time had open taps and workers could go get a beer whenever they wanted it during the workday.


I choose not to explain myself.


Hell, at my current job, they have a beer tap in the lunch room, and any time they have an office event they have beers available. During the work day. And we all go back to work after.

So, yeah. Different standards.


We sample new product (usually beers) on fridays. At 8 AM. We go back to work but it sucks :)



Reminds me of this political cartoon from a few years ago:



If smoking heroin is referred to as “chasing the dragon” then what is mainlining marijuana called? “Chousing the tapir”? “Badgering the wombat”? “Freeing the budgie”?


I propose, “Chasing the Chong.”


Chonging the bong?


What about just, “Dave’s not here, man.”


My old CPA firm had a beer tap in the kitchen. Basically the entire staff group would be toasty while pushing out tax returns on April 15th.

We had a number of financial services clients that would be insulted if we didn’t accept some sort of libation when performing fieldwork. Scotch was not off the table.


My boss won’t let me drink while at work… :(


My father was a tax accountant. He’d have a glass of bourbon many a night during tax season. Then again, days that long probably were the reason for wanting to drink in the first place. Tax season is insane.